The World Once Lived (Part III)

Characters I won’t forget in WoW:

  • Zorkman – Good guy with a good heart but unfortunately a little to soft for a guild wanting to go hardcore. You don’t judge a man by his WoW character anyways. A strong social glue similar to his professional status IRL.
  • Adelwine – Another reason why I say “Don’t get female bosses”
  • Superdrood – The first OT I worked with and he was called “The Falling Bear” due to his multiple falls from the pathway leading to Aran (Karazhan).
  • Jannelle – My warrior mentor and a really crazy one as well.
  • Damoh – Nice guy overall. A teacher. His students would like a teacher of this character
  • Oio – Mr Faithful, Matured, Selfless
  • Vaswislor – See Oio
  • Earnethia – How power can give a good man the creeps
  • Zyvian – My warlock buddy. CHIONG AH!
  • Morttix – Army of alts. Mr RAWR.
  • Pyromeister – First person I’ve seen a guild send a hamper on the arrival of his firstborn.
  • Arwenstar – Seriously dude, how much do you play?
  • Stigus – Comes and goes with a bang. Wait, what?
  • Kenjin – Gets the job done
  • Erenstasia – Plus green numbers
  • Ordus – Old warrior that drinks A LOT
  • Trynda – Dude, read the tooltips and stop talking about epics.

What I remember off the top of my head.

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