Of Stunties and Ravens

The journey in Warhammer Online began a few months back and in the midst of levelling and playing I can safely say I won’t ever return to World Of Warcraft because PVP or RVR is everything. It’s funny how 25 players used to spend days learning fights against an AI and then months farming it over and over for loot.

Is there a real sense of satisfaction? Is there real competition?

World of Warcraft has failed to promote a large open scale battle between the Alliance and Horde due to the very PVE nature of the game. Why would one spend hours in the battlefield if all the rewards come from PVE dungeons?

Warhammer is a game that will not reach out to the masses the way WoW did. It’s a game for players with a very strong competitve spirit. I have participated in large 100 v 100 battles across the field in between keeps, etc. It is in this game that battlefield commanders or what we call raid leaders in WoW are truely respected. To be able to co-ord, inspire your troops, lead and devise strategies on the go in an ever changing dynamic situation makes one a good leader. Battles last for hours. The reward is has lesser emphasis on loot but the execution of good tactics against real players who are scheming against your’s.

Pincer movements, ambushes, fake attacks, flanking movements, line holding, line breaking, backline ruptures, you name them, is a lot more rewarding than doing step A in boss stage 1 and b in boss stage 2. Real competitive emotions flow, there is revenge and even hatred for some opposing players.

I have swapped from being a dwarf in WoW to a chaos minon in Warhammer. There is a taste of blood and satisfaction in plunging a greatsword down my opponents throat who no doubt will be swearing under his breath on the other end of the net.

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