Warhammer – Lost Vale Main Tanking (Chosen POV)

I loved main tanking in WoW, and expected to do the same in WAR. My group was kind enough to allow me to Main Tank even though I was probably the last core tank of the guild to hit 40 and last get geared.

Lost Vale is a huge instance with 3 wings. It follows a questline that new players must complete to be able to progress between the wings. The environment in Lost Vale is refreshing compared to the semi – claustrophoic feel of Bloodwrought Enclave and especially Bilerot Burrows.

I started tanking Lost Vale for real only after the Piercing Repel nerf for the Chosen Career. This meant that there was basically just 1 good spec for tanking with no specific skill rotation. I use the following spec and keep Suppression on cooldown. Other abilities used in between is purely for aggro purpose.

Chosen PVE Career Spec

Chosen PVE Renown Spec

List of LV Bosses and what I do as a Chosen MT:

West Wing

1. Azhranok

  • Face him away from the party so that neither his head nor tail is aligned at any member.
  • Shatter Blessing when he gets his hardened skin buff
  • Turn Dreadful Agony & Bane Shield on to aggro the small mobs that spawn later in the fight. (The DPS focuses only on the boss and the small mobs despawn when the boss is down)

2. Malghor

  • Party stands on the logs to ensure they do not get hit by the purplish stuff on the ground (auto aggro)
  • Pull the boss by either a taunt or standing on the purplish stuff. Drag him to the logs so that melee dps can reach
  • Face away, tank and spank.

3. Horgulul

  • The chap can do amazing spike damage at times.
  • Nothing special for this one except keep your back to a pillar or rock and grab the mobs that spawn during the fight with aura / baneshield.

4. Dralel the Whitfire Matron (Drops Darkpromise Boots)

  • Possibly the most buggy and painful fight I experienced in LV.
  • Run in and aggro it, getting Suppression up immediately.
  • Keep using the Flame / Torch whenever she webs you. You’ve to use it before other members do. The first unwebbed person immediately gains aggro.
  • Slowly drag her up the hill as she performs a KB.
  • DPS has to be quick on the small adds. If the adds reach her, she’ll bite for amazing amounts of damage (I ever got bitten for 13k damage). (Use Dreadful Agony and Quake to help)
  • Communicate really well wrt the web debuff.

East Wing

1. Chuul

  • Tank him with your back against the wall.
  • He’ll throw random team mates to the ground below and the team mate would have to run though over 10-15 crocodiles to get back up. The mobs are non champions and the team mate can just tank them all the way up (even clothies can do it).
  • This is a DPS race. Finish the boss fast.

2. Larg

  • Tank him facing away from the party.
  • He AOEs the group. Co-ordinate morales. Strong group heals will easily offset the AOE.
  • This is a DPS race.

3. Butcher Gutbeater

  • I’ll be frank and say we never got him via the “real” method.
  • Ranged party members stood on sticks.
  • Pull the Boss to a safe location in range of DPS and facing away from the group.
  • Put Discordant Instability up as his frontal AOE dmg is magical.

4. Gorak

  • Ranged DPS climbs to the highest portion of the cliff.
  • Melee DPS / Off Tank uses the lowest portion of it.
  • Main tank on the ground facing him away from the party and from the cliff. Adjust so that melee dps can reach him.
  • Put Discordant Instability up. You’ll be getting magical damage most of the time.

5. Sarthaine (Drops Darkpromise Shoulders)

  • One of the more interesting fights in the instance.
  • He is aggroed the moment you kill the last of the 3 packs of trash.
  • Main tank has to run in IMMEDIATELY to the FOOT of the boss or he will spawn plenty of trash without stopping.
  • Party goes into position behind him. Healers stand on rocks to avoid LOS issues.
  • In phase 2, he summons 3 adds. These adds are first in protective bubbles and cannot be killed. Hold until all 3 bubbles evaporate. The boss then starts to AOE the island which he is on.
  • The champions must be DPSed down within 45 seconds. We assign 1 DPs to each mob and the MT and OT to the remaining mob. No one should be standing on the main island in this phase.
  • If the champions are not killed within 45 seconds, the boss heals himself for a hefty amount. If killed, the boss heals himself for nothing and the fight returns to Phase 1.
  • Rinse, lather, repeat and get your shoulders.

North Wing

1. Zaar

  • It is imperative to face this boss away from the party. His cleave can be painful.
  • He will send a random member into a cage where he will take damage and cannot be healed. DPS the cage down and free the party member.
  • Finish him off with quick DPS to reduce the amount of members getting into cages.

2. Darkpromise Beast

  • We call him the “sand penis”.
  • All players (even the melee) have to spread out.
  • He puts a nasty DoT on a member that has to be healed through. This DoT will spread to any member standing close by.
  • Tank him back to wall, facing away from the party as usual.

3. Sechar (Drops Darkpromise Helm)

  • Postion your group to the left of the portal and allow groups of batlike creatures to hit the ground floor while you are DPSing the channelers and the beams of the portal.
  • We group the casters close together and the melee dps close together.
  • Group heals during AOE damage. Chosens use Sprout Carapace. OTs use R4 (-75% damage to group morale).
  • Keep Discordant Instability up. Elemental resistance makes this brainless.

4. N’kari (Drops Darkpromise Chest)

  • One hell of a fun fight. Plenty of movement and co-ordination. (I wish more fights were like this)
  • Take down the 4 channelers. Each channeler drops a Channeling Stone (that looks like a book) on the ground. DPS and OTs pick it up and drag the icon to their action bar.
  • The group is postioned near the entrance with the tank at the foot of the pond.
  • N’kari appears at the edge of the pond. Tank must pick up IMMEDIATELY. (She can one shot your party mates).
  • Face N’kari away from the party at all cost. Her cleave is 270 degrees wide and can reach the entire room.
  • In phase 1, she spawns purple and green circles on the ground. Purple causes damage. Green snares you. Get out of them. She also throws random party members into the air. Heal through.
  • In phase 2, she freezes and energy like balls will spawn. The most important balls are Purple and Blue. You’ve to grab the purple ball fast while the healers grab the blue one. N’kari will now hit you for 7.5k which cannot be mitigated (but can be avoided). She will also spawn 2 adds at the entrance that the OT must pick up fast. DPS down the 2 mobs really quickly. The mobs hit hard and put a nasty DoT. Save R4 morales and rotate for this phase. Once this is done, the fights returns to Phase 1.
  • Do note that you have to rotate the purple ball between you and your offtank. This is due to the fact that the tank that picked up the first purple ball will not be able to do so the next time. So get your OT to pick it up and you swap roles with him in Phase 2.
  • Throughout the entire fight, N’Kari may start channeling an AOE wide DoT that hits for 500/sec. Use the Channeling Stone to stop her. After you use the stone, the stone will drop to the ground. Pick it up again and resume DPS.
  • Fun fight, not too hard but definitely not tank and spank.

Lost Vale is pretty fun and with a good group, it can be finished in 2-3hrs. We usually run a Chosen MT, Black Orc OT, Witch Elf, Sorcerer, Dicipline of Khaine, Shaman in our party setup.

With the gear from this dungeon, you will be geared enough to face and slay the King of Altdorf when Mythic fixes the endgame.

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