Warhammer – PVE Focus

I’ve been at work all day today on a new site for an exciting youth startup of which I will be part of. Everytime I sit down and design or build sites, my mind wanders (I have to let it wander to get the juices flowing). Everytime my mind wanders, I have stuff to write. Guess I’ve not been writing about Warhammer. So here goes!

The guild that I’m in has cleared all PVE content and also opened up Altdorf City on the Darklands server. More or less we have accomplished every thing Mythic has on the table besides killing the Altdorf King. RVR wise – the endgame is broken. The City Siege of Altdorf broke down because there were NO defenders from Order. My guild faced an uncontested invasion PQ which we had to grind for 4 hours and it was futile as you cannot advance if there are no defenders. So you can’t take the city and behead the King even though his loyalists aren’t there to defend him? What rubbish. (Sidenote: Couple of veterans decided to leave the game after seeing a broken endgame)

Anyways, since RVR is broken, the guild focused and blasted through all PVE content. Progression wise, this is how things go when you hit Rank 40.

There are basically 3 levels of gearing. In WoW they called it Tiers. In WAR, they call it Wardings. Now, wardings are different because you need to have a certain amount of wardings before you could actually survive and perform in the next dungeon. You can call this a gear check or an enforced gear grind. Anyways, you progress from Lesser Wards to Greater Wards to Superior Wards.

Lesser Wards – Achievable from Bastion Stairs (PVE) and Tier 4 Keep Lords (RVR). This prepares you for encounters that would drop Greater Wards.
Greater Wards – Achievable from Bloodwrought Enclave & Bilerot Burrows (PVE) and Fortress Lords (RVR). This prepares you for encounters that would drop Superior Wards.
Superior Wards – Achievable from Lost Vale (PVE) and Invasion Public Quests (RVR). Basically, this is the gear you need to fight and kill the King of Altdorf.

The following items have gear that provide warding: Helm, Shoulders, Chest, Gloves, Shoes (Yes, its maxed at 5). The more wards you have, the lesser damage enemy mobs will hit you at higher level dungeons and you do more damage to them as well.

In the game currently, Tier 4 Keeps are exchanged between Destruction and Order at an astounding rate. So much so that it is easier and quicker to farm Tier 4 keeps for Lesser Wards. Bastion Stairs requires influence PQ grinds to access the 4 bosses which can be a hassle.

Greater Wards are easily taken from Bloodwrought Enclave & Bilerot Burrows. The fights there can be considered between Easy to Moderate in terms of difficulty. A skilled group should find no difficulties against these dungeons.

Now the focus is on Superior Wards. Couple of guild members got their Superior Wards from the Invasion PQ which had no defenders. It was a mindless 4 hour grind and around 32 pieces dropped. (Not everyone had the stamina to stay for an insanely boring PQ). The other way to get this is from Lost Vale. The gear set is titled “Darkpromise”.

And I’ll cover Lost Vale in a seperate post.

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