Some Desktop & Cloud Tinkering

I have been posting a couple of apps on Twitter/Facebook in regards to Cloud services and desktop management. It’s amazing how such little apps can really spruce up your window/desktop/files/synchronization needs. I’ve added more here, so have a look.

Outlook Syncing without Exchange

Outlook Syncing without Exchange

Outlook Synchronization Without Exchange Server

Syncing outlook data files and folders is a pain without exchange or Google Apps but it is doable. My method may not work for everyone but here’s how it goes for me. I manage 5 email accounts (personal/business/school/work/etc) on my outlook account and am using shared calendars.

Emails – I receive all emails via POP usually and what I do to ensure I have the same mails on both my laptop and my desktop is to get my laptop to never delete mails from the server and set a 3 day gap for deletion on my desktop. It’s a workaround that has been really smooth so far. Point is, you have to ensure both computers get the mails within 3 days of each other.

Sent Emails – I use the free version of Easy2Sync for Outlook to ensure both laptop and desktop Sent Mails folder is in sync. Very important if you are tracking emails.

Calendars – I mentioned Google Calendar Sync before and both my computers sync from Google. All changes, new/deleted entries are drawn from Google and updated to both computers. Syncing to Google has its benefits. You can share your Outlook calendar (synced to Google) to other users since they can add it via Tools > Account Options > Internet Calendar. Just give them the private URL of your Google calendar (Ical)

Contacts – I use the free version of OsaSync which is a little troublesome to setup but does the job perfectly. I used to try Soocial but their Outlook plugin is pretty unstable.

Mirrorit easily

Mirror'it easily

Files Synchronization

Documents – I use Allway Sync to ensure both computers have the exact same documents folder
iTunes – Allway Sync again. 2 folders are kept in sync. The Music folder under your user folder and the folder where all music is stored. The good part is both iTunes are perfectly identical and you can sync your iPod on either without have issues.
Backup – Allway Sync dominates. I sync to both an additional hard drive and my NAS.

Dropbox - Simple and easy like stickmen

Dropbox - Simple and easy like stickmen

File Sharing
DropBox. Perfect solution. I covered this in my last post. Downside is uploading speeds in Singapore is crap but there’s no work around to this, unless you launch your own satellite, plug in your own transmitter and…

Deskspace in action

Desktop Enhancement

Multi Desktop Management – There are tons of freeware to manage multiple desktops. I ain’t using any of them and went with Deskspace instead. Beautiful and works great. You can customize just about everything possible (default launch locations for programs, different desktops and different widgets for each desktop, etc etc)

An Alt+Tab Replacement – One thing I envied about OS X is their style of switching windows. Aero Flip and the improved Alt+Tab thingy in Windows 7 couldn’t cut close to that. But thanks to Switcher you can do exactly what the Mac Fanatics are preaching… on Windows Vista/7. Oh the blasphemy.

Folder CustomizationRainbow Folders allows you to colour folders in Windows easily so you can mark folders out.

That’s all for now!

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