Thoughts on LKY & GCT Stepping Down from Cabinet

I realise that I have been commenting a lot on Twitter and Facebook to hardly have time to clearly write what I think exactly. I might have come across as overly anti PAP or otherwise. Something that I definitely do not stand for.

1. Removing the MM and SM post is a good move

A leader must be given a free role to lead his party and if elected, his country. While I fully respect the contributions of LKY and GCT (without which Singapore would not be what she is today), good leaders know when to call it a day and step down for another to freely lead. On multiple levels, from school to corporate and even in governments, old leaders do more harm than good staying on as ‘advisers’ in the leadership. They burden the current leader with old mindsets and old ways of doing things. The team never gets a chance for a refreshing change of direction. It hinders development and renewal. LKY mentioned many times he could not find a fourth generation leader. One must question why is a first generation leader finding the fourth? What happened to the second and third? Did they not assume full leadership? GCT and LHL are perfectly capable leaders but they were burdened by the legacy of founding father of modern Singapore. Like it or not, in the eyes of many Singaporeans they led in his shadow. For if they had not, such news of LKY and GCT stepping down from cabinet will not be met with such anxiety.

2. LKY is not the PAP

When I voted for the PAP, I voted for the Jurong GRC team, I voted for Tharman S. to continue being my MP and I voted for the PAP to lead Singapore under the helm of LHL. I felt that LHL was getting closer to understanding the ground than his father did. Read every line that LKY has mentioned before and after the election. He, in his own words, dwells on the past. His statements have gone increasingly untactful angering not only the electorate but also shakening racial ties. Singapore was led from a fishing village into its modern state city by LKY. But whatever LKY had achieved with Singapore was not solely out of his pure brilliance or hardwork. Every one here in this land put their bit to build this country up. LKY with assistance from key members like GKS (who was the mastermind behind most of Singapore’s economic development) and with the support of tireless citizens built this country. While the role of LKY must be respected and remembered, it cannot be given an overbearing amount of reverence to the point of forgetting who this country belongs to. This country belongs to the people, its citizens, you and me.

3. So what now?

Point is, this news will rock Singapore (especially the older voters) for a week. Then people will realise, nothing much has changed on the outside. GCT and LKY will remain to serve as MPs being elected in GE2011. LHL will have a freer hand. For decisions that are made in the next 5 years, LHL will bear full responsibility for them. This is something that should have happened earlier. I have faith in LHL and whether or not that faith continues depends on the way Singapore is led in the coming years.

It is a time of change and people will always look behind their shoulders, fearing the unknown that stands before them. But I say – embrace change boldly and step forward. There is no use looking behind because what is behind cannot be shouldering you all the time. It is an exciting time for Singapore, I am glad to be here and I want to be part of this. This is my country; even more so now than it is of my forefathers.

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