For The Horde!

In an earlier post I mentioned we went from Kilrogg to Barthilas. Basically because it is a huge server and secondly its Oceanic so it would be easier to get players. Wider pool more hope for better talents. It worked out in the end. A big part of what made this move really exciting was that we were going to faction change. I’ve played Alliance all this time. Longest as a Dwarf and then I went Worgen basically cause I’m sick of being really tiny. Also because I felt the Worgen embodied something fiercer and predatory. The move to Horde was exciting not only because it was something new (it’s like experiencing the other half of the content) but also that I finally got to become an Orc. Blood thirsty raging green-skinned berserkers. So the biggest thing I looked forward to was PVP.


The horde is superior. That’s the verdict. Superior in terms of mowing down the enemy but is outshone by the Alliance when it comes to objectives. So you can imagine AV is a nightmare. But besides that, the horde is really good at killing the other faction. In a WSG game, you sometimes swing around in the middle to catch the late players trying to get the flag. As alliance, you’ll probably be the only one stopping. As horde, my my, everyone does that. The thirst of alliance blood outweighs getting the flag and capping an objective. Stupid, I know but hell that’s what PVP is for.

Timing Matters

From a Singapore time zone, Alliance fare well around the 6-9pm mark. After that Horde takes over. This is coming from experience playing both sides. I got many one shot wins as Alliance in those time periods and as Horde in the later ones. This is probably down to the daily BG thingy. It is probably a sweeping statement to say that alliance players are more pve orientated, getting things done for the sake of points, etc that results in gear. But the gut feel that horde is really just out to butcher the lights out of the alliance has been proven over and over.

The Best PUG BG

I usually PUG my BGs. A few days back I got possibly the biggest win I’ve ever seen in a completely PUG WSG. The screenshot says it all. Wrecking Ball achievement came without even trying. Horde went 0-2 down without even caring. Alliance were not too bad just that they had 4 splitting off to run the flag. About 8 of us were intent on hammering them. After possibly getting 2 people (including myself) Wrecking Ball, we went to get the game back to 2-2 and an overall win. Probably the epitome of blood thirst. Some were saying, “Look here we go again ignoring the flag and farming them.” But hey it turned out fine in the end. For the Horde!

Wrecking Ball in Style: 31 - 0

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