His Name is Robin Van Persie

What do you say after watching the Liverpool game. We’re shit. 4-3-3 doesn’t work for us. Game after game, we can’t hold the ball, we get exposed on the flanks because we’re too clumped in the middle and sometimes we spread the 3 too far out and can’t thread a ball sideways because the opponent has an easy time intercepting. Neither 3 players are great ball winners, none of them are great holders as well. Sure they can distribute well but that’s about it. It’s time to put four across the middle and give the team a more solid shape.

Yes, it's Robin kissing Song's Boot.

Yes, it's Robin kissing Song's Boot.


The obvious would be Robin Van Persie. Brilliant finishing considering the meager chances we had. Second goal reminded me of the same he did to Barcelona. First, was a close range header. You have to admire a striker that puts the ball in the net day in day out. Liverpool had an avalanche of chances, none went in. Whenever Robin gets the ball you have the assurance he will put it to good use. For most of the other chaps, you go ‘ok don’t do stup.. ah ****!’. Pity we don’t have more quality players.

Szczęsny put in a tremendous performance as well. Double save at the penalty and keeping his goal clean under wave after wave of Liverpool’s attack. With the amount of defensive protection the midfield was giving, the defense were put to the sword over and over. Cross after cross came in, the keeper did well.

Sagna did all he could. Won all aerial battles and provided the first pass. He was one of the few that made productive moves when he got the ball.

Song for the second assist. Something he has been consistently doing all season. This guy for some reason has an eye for a pass. Hopefully he brushes up the defensive discipline a little.


Oh boy. We basically lost all shape in the midfield. Not winning balls, being trodden right through. We were like what Spurs were like in the last game. Theo was wasteful like a liverpuldian. Gervinho had little product as well. Arteta suffered a very bad concussion. Diaby succumbed to yet another injury. Yossi was headless. It was a nightmare.

In defense Kos needs better awareness, that own goal could be averted if he had the presence of mind to know exactly where he is and how he should positon himself when block. TV5 had a scrappy game. Gibbs was too easily passed through.

It was a bad game with a good scoreline

Next up Milan. I hope AW doesn’t play his first 11 because 0-4 down is more or less over. And with the current form, I’ve not much hope. I rather he concentrate on the league or use the Milan game to try something new. We’ve lost Arteta and Diaby meaning we hardly have enough for a middle 3 in a 4-3-3. The only options now are Song Yossi and Ramsey. We should really give that 4-4-2 a shot soonish. Let Ger and Ox take the sides and put RVP with Theo/Camakh upfront. That Moroccan might be useful in a 4-4-2. Buying him for a 4-3-3 was a waste of (ok he was free).

2 big games and 6 points. We’ve a lot of tricky fixtures still ahead but here’s hoping we either improve or get lucky like today.

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