Ideas to Improve WoW’s End Game PVP

I stepped back into WoW last afternoon to clear my conquest points for the week. I run a warrior rogue combination just for points. There’s no real benefit to this combination except we either kill really quickly or get killed really fast. I didn’t want to spend too much time hitting the cap each week. PVP in Warcraft is very unbalanced. As a Warrior facing what could be the weakest tier warriors have ever faced in PVP, it is sickening at times but I like my warrior too much to focus on my alts (DK / H Pally). It must be remembered that PVP was brought into WoW as an afterthought and was never part of original game design. If it was, WoW would have turned out to be more like GW2 or even WAR where each class has almost equal amounts of output, utility and survivability. GW2 is exceptionally interesting because it destroys the tank-dps-heal setup. High end 2s (arena) do not go with double dps, you have to run 1 dps 1 heal – that is destroyed in GW2. MMOC has a pretty good user written article on GW2.

So back to WoW, here are some of my pet peeves of PVP in general and solutions to fix them.


Venerblade - Orc Warrior (Barthilas)

1. Balance roles in BGs

Whenever you hit a bg, you check out the combination you got for your team and the opponents. You often smile widely to find out they have no healers and that you have 3. If the opposite occurs, some people do quit immediately. Taking that skill, teamwork and gear are equal, there is no way a team with a healer can lose to one without. Of course, that is taking all other variables to be equal (some games have poor healers, or even AFK players, etc). 1 healer is still doable if the opponent zergs him down. But the moment you have 2, cross healing makes the team blessed with healers have a upper hand. I concede there are multiple strategies to overcome it including seperating the 2 healers, focusing on one ccing the other, ensure they spawn alternatedly making the net amount of heals to be just one, etc. Again, take all other variables as equal. The fix is simple, Blizzard does not have to ensure each BG has at least X amount of heals, as this might increase queue time tremendously similar to PVE dungeon queues. All they have to do is to ensure both sides have the same number of players in each role. You can have 10 dps vs 10 dps, etc as long its balanced its a fairer match up in total. This is an easy fix that should be deployed.

2. Remove 40man BGs

40 man BGs remove the PVP out of a supposedly PVP environment. The best strategy in both AV and IOC is to focus completely on PVE elements. This makes the game not give you what you queued for. If I wanted a major PVE environment I’ll sign up for a 25man guild. PVP environments have to be small in order to keep the action levels high yet give sufficient breathing space. Blizzard has nailed it with most of their BGs but AV and IOC are eyesores in that regard. I can see one reason why they are left in the game, they hold 80 players – meaning they are useful for helping the servers to clear queues quickly, since many players BG just to clear a daily. Remove these 40men aberrations from the BG rotation. They are boring and are not real PVP maps.

3. Separate PVE and PVP abilities

It is very tough to balance PVE and PVP in tandem. It’s near impossible and Blizzard’s attempts to do so have fallen flat face down. One ability that maybe key to a damage dealer in competitive DPS in a PVE environment would almost always be relentlessly overpowered in PVP terms. The simple way is to separate coefficients and the like between environments. This has been done with colossal smash and should be continued for the rest. Yes, it might get confusing for newer players but it is better than having a completely unbalanced PVP landscape for the sake of maintaining proper raiding conditions.

4. Separate PVE and PVP loot

Back in BC, PVP loot was viable in some cases for PVE especially when DPS classes have to double up as tanks. In fact, resilience at that point in time did contribute fairly significantly to the uncritable cap for tanks. That said, the changes to resilience have made PVP gear mostly useless in PVE. The same cannot be said for PVE to PVP. PVE items can be ridiculously overpowered in PVP. Multiple items fit this category and should be solved the same way it was done for the PVP to PVE direction. Simply change a primary stat to something else such as ‘Power’ to instantly solve this issue. In this way, strength, agility and intel are useless in PVP and you can be sure no PVE items will be used for PVP and vice versa. Also remove item level from PVP gear or change it so that it is of a different scale from the PVE ones. If they want to retain gear level for PVP, then why not change BG sytems so that players of relatively equal gear levels are pitted together. Put features in for a good specific reason, don’t just do it for the sake of standardization. They often do more harm than good.


I will probably write about PVE End Game solutions on another day. It’s just 2 more weeks before my warrior is fully geared and I can leave that class to rest.

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