This blog is focused on sharing my views and interests. The topics are mainly on technology, current affairs, football and gaming. It also serves as a little portfolio of my design work, photography and academic writings.

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I graduated with a B.Soc.Sci (Hons) in Economics from the National University of Singapore and am now a research analyst. I am also a savvy tech enthusiast, cyclist, bookworm, Arsenal fan and also a semi casual gamer.

All in a Family: The author and his parents.

All in a Family: The author and his parents.


I chose to major in Economics due to my beliefs and interests. In my experiences at school and at home, I have embraced efficiency. I come from a relatively poor family and have the privilege of being involved in most family decisions from a young age. With limited resources, quick cost effective decisions have to made on a daily basis. Being exposed to such from young shaped my growth and my final decision to pursue Economics as my major. In terms of areas of economic applications, I have both interest and experience in labor, transport, technology and development.

I am now a full time research analyst focused on current affairs and international relations.


Curriculum Vitae

Before and during my years as an undergraduate I have garnered extensive working experiences. The following is a brief overview.



The following are some of the papers authored and co-authored by me in my current undergraduate journey in NUS. These are largely economic papers and will serve as writing samples for my academic work. Should you find the ideas and arguments useful in my papers below, feel free to quote them.


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