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Centre for Health Services Research
Enduring Insights, Empowering Solutions

SingHealth Centre for Health Services Research (CHSR) is established in 2006 with the mission of providing excellent research and analytics to support decision making, policy formulation and translating research to practice. It works closely with clinicians, administrators and healthcare organizations as well as industry and other partners to provide pragmatic and insightful healthcare solutions. This collaborative approach ensures that solutions are both effective and efficient; yielding high-quality research that guides subsequent interventions that are cost-effective and practical. On the whole, the research that CHSR has undertaken can be broadly categorized into four main domains.


Economic evaluation is a comparative analysis of alternative courses of action in terms of both their costs and consequences. [+]

Health technology covers any method used to promote health, prevent and treat disease and improve rehabilitation or long-term care. [+]

Operations research includes optimization, simulation, decision analysis and computational skills, and plays an important role in modern medicine, life sciences and healthcare. [+]

Outcomes research forms the bridge linking the endpoints of practices and interventions with their effectiveness. [+]