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Victoria Concordia Crescit

Victoria Concordia Crescit

B10: Vision, Professionalism, Loyalty

B10: Vision, Professionalism, Loyalty

I am an Arsenal supporter since the age of 8. I supported them because I love supporting the underdogs. Also, at that point they were tactically and financially shrewd. Not any more but you don’t change teams once you’ve given your heart to one.

Nation wise, of course I support my country who is a minor force in the ASEAN region. Besides that its Brazil and England, just like most Singaporeans. It’s possibly due to the influence of the EPL and the quality of football that the Brazil of the past displayed.

Throughout all these years, I can hardly find a football player that is better than Dennis Bergkamp. This guy was not just a classy player. He was loyal, consistent, skillful and was a perfect example of a footballer off the pitch. What I love about him on the pitch was his cool and calm temperament and excellent excellent vision. He was a creator; a visionary, if you may, for a footballer. Such qualities are things I admire deeply.




I do follow very few footballing sites. More football maniacs have a variety of sites to keep up with the rumors and such but I’m a simple realistic fan. Here’s the few that I follow.


They do not have good editorials but the news here is often on the dot and fairly accurate


Official site of the gunners.


A solid balanced blog. Has a great podcast out there. Great editorial content as well.

Le Grove

Offers good editorials and insights. Author has internal links to the club and often is able to give credible heads ups. More of a glass half empty kind of viewpoint.


All goals and highlights of Arsenal games are provided here. They are uploaded within minutes of goals being scored.

Gooner News

This is a news aggregator of many Arsenal / football sites carrying Arsenal news. If you need a quick glance over here’s a good page to go.

Zonal Marking

An analytical site for formations and observations on strategy choices and changes.