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Ideas to Improve SAFTI SC

This is not just a blog. It also hosts some of my ideas I hope to implement. It’s some sorta blackboard for me to scribble things and come back to.

I’m not all angsty and against the National Sentence that our country proudly calls its defence. We look grand from the top but on ground zero, the service sector needs a much needed reality boost to work towards efficiency. Here we go.

Problem: Characters from different backgrounds and having different ideas are causing political turmoil in the office.

1. Recruit DXOs Wisely – Don’t just base it on job qualifications and background. Having a good command of English is a must to reduce a stunning amount of misunderstandings. Running a character test can help check if the personnel is of the right mentality to join the unit. (E.G. If the personnel is a fun loving person at heart, throwing him into our unit will cause rifts as some would think he’s not serious about work or is not doing work at all)

Problem: Inefficient Clerks / Lacking Skills

1. Classify Clerks – Don’t just lump every “educated” non combat fit personnel into the clerk zone. We have been seeing clerks that *gasp* doesn’t know how to use MS Office applications. Or doesn’t know how to write a letter. Or doesn’t know how to PRINT A DOCUMENT. (Click the button that looks like a printer, dude). Clerks should be classified by qualifications, job skills and communication skills. As we are not going to have scholars coming all the time, we’ve to divide the different classes of clerks evenly among branches.

2. Come up with a suitable scale to measure efficiency – Some clerks are left to rot watching others who are working their butts off. It’s a vicious cycle. Those who work hard get more work as they are deemed more capable. Those who slack or look like they suck actually avoid work. Give those who suck or pretend to suck more manual work. Give those who are always meeting job targets benefits like going home on time and NOT GIVING them MORE targets. Not every job in the unit requires massive intelligence. Most of the work are no brainers and are tedious. So where do these go to? The idiots and pretenders.

3. Ensure that branch heads know how to manage their manpower – You don’t request for 4x NSFs all heading to the university to handle administrative work. That’s a baffling amount of talent wasted.

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