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two years on

So here we are again…

There’s this burning urge to write after I stopped blogging for a long while. That was back on National Day 2006. Man, a good long 2 years plus. Things have changed pretty much. Well things change for every single male in Singapore at this time. Read: NSF.

Ok, fast forward.

‘A’ levels went fine. First major exam that I finally had positive results in. PSLE and ‘O’ levels were disastrous. Secured a places in NUS, NTU and SMU with no hiccups. Chose NUS in the end. Parents happy, they get off my back finally. I’m not trying to bitch about them but well, one of them, replayed by PSLE and ‘O’ level scenarios to me on EVERY DAY of my ‘A’ level exams. Talk about positively encouraging your son.

I didn’t work after ‘A’ levels. I had about 3 weeks between the end of ‘A’ levels to my enlistment. A major change took place here, Joel introduced me to World of Warcraft (WoW) and in the game I found fulfilment that was never present in my time as a duty bound ‘soldier’. WoW deserves a section on its own.

18 Dec 06, I walked into Palau Tekong. It looks really like a school – reminds me of Pioneer Sec. I was to undergo a week of BMT as I was classified PES E thanks to imbalanced hearing. Put it bluntly, there are two main routes you have left when you are PES E. If you are educated, you become a clerk. If you’re not, you become a storeman. So after 5 days in Tekong, I was permanently sent to SAFTI MI to serve the remainder of my 2 year sentence (yes its a sentence) as a clerk. And NSF days require a section on its own as well. More about it next time.

In 2008, two deaths hit close to home. My grandma lost her battle with cancer. I wasn’t very close to her but that was the first death that hit within the third degree of my family tree. Just when things settled down, what really broke me down was the death of cat of 13 years. Tiger, remember him? I had fishes and all that before my cat but it was this very cat that I grew up with from Primary school right up to adulthood. I’m the only child so it was normal for me to treat him as my brother. The fact that he was closest to me made it a harrowing 2 weeks after I finally accepted that he had lived a happy and long life as a carefree outdoor cat. More about that next time.

I have no objectives in this blog. Heck, I’m not even gonna tell anyone I have this blog all redone and updated. No promises when it’ll be updated again. My last blog said “Weekly” and we know how well that went. Nothing fancy on this blog, no tag board, no fancy dandy links. Nothing of that sort.

Here are my thoughts. Take them as they are.

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