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Nearly There

You know how it feels for a large weight to be lifted off your shoulders? Feeling for the first time in 2 years that, hey! your job is done! Your to-do list has finally come to an end. There’s no more dreadfully tedious work to look forward for the next day. No more unnecessary politics that you’ve to help sort out so that your work can be completed. No more retards in the unit to cover for because they can’t do some of the simplest tasks in the world (like typing their names).

A week’s time and I’m a free man. In fact, I have an advanced taste of freedom thanks to this long leave that I’m clearing before the inevitable 17 Dec 08.

I’m looking forward to step into the grounds of SAFTI SC, taking in the fresh air, for the very last time. Note that SAFTI MI is a beautiful place, but its people leave more to be desired.

I’m still wrecking my brains to think what I’ve taken from this 2 year lesson supposedly serving the nation. Trust me, its hard to list the positives. 2 years of mind numbing pain. I hope to recover from it fast. The last thing I want is permanent damage from the men and women (actually boys and girls) that would be soon clad in pixels.

But anyways… here’s the preparation for a week’s time of ORD LO!

Dave Junia

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