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Year 2008 in Review

So another year flies. Time to take stock of things.


  • Hitting adulthood
  • ORD. Sweet. Just sweet.
  • Learning more of the values I base myself on unknowingly. And some darker ones.
  • Learning to manage a hell lot of different people in different areas of my life and still remain sane.
  • Getting my sinus fixed.
  • Finally convincing myself to stop snacking. Stop the horizontal expansion!


  • High death rate this year. I lost relatives and also my pet cat. This must be the year I attended the most funerals both within and outside my family.
  • Dad’s heart attack. Nothing too major but still shocking and it leaves a trail of worry.
  • Having to solve almost every mess in my family, my army unit and also in MMOs. It can leave one feeling really drained.

Short and sweet. It’s been a busy 2 weeks for me since I finally left the Army. I’ll post more when I get the time.

Here’s hoping 2009 will bring more meaning and joy to all!

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