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Are We Really Chinese?

Those who know me will laugh that I’m writing about Chinese. Those who don’t will think I’m racist. Do as you please.

How Chinese are Singaporean Chinese?
Not much.

Various school based results have shown that Chinese is the worst faring second language. The take up for Chinese B classes are higher than all other second languages. From experience, you’ll hear the most English being spoken in a Chinese language class compared to the rest.

So why aren’t we Chinese enough?

Nearly every part of the Chinese culture is left on lower priorities. Most families without having the senior generation living with them (which happens a lot) are mostly English speaking.

Music and dance has been relegated to Chinese cultural groups in school or just on Chinese New Year. I see the Malays doing their traditional dances during weddings and family gatherings. Not a chance of seeing that on the Chinese side.

The current generation does care about Chinese Calendars, auspicious dates, chinese zodiacs, etc. One is more likely to say he is of the Pieces horoscope than of the Year of the Pig.

When you remove so many parts of a culture away, it’ll collapse.

And that’s what has happened. To many Chinese in Singapore. To my family. And to your’s truly.

Oh wait, teachers have been pointing to the “Rise of China” as a reason to study Chinese. But let me make a bold and what you may call a lunatic statement – China will not rise to become the world’s leading power. The European Union will overshadow whatever the US, China or India can hope to muster. For a start, how many Singaporean started businesses in China have actually gone well? Surely, you have read the multiple issues there are in deal making and it draws completely from the Chinese culture. Unless China changes its culture, continue to tickle me into believing that it will be a world leader one day.

Oh wait! The season is back again so Happy Chinese New Year!
(just don’t laugh when you hear me say it in Chinese)

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