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Going Horizontal Again

You know what’s the worst part of being a clerk? Fats.

You’re stuck in camp. You’ve tons of stuff to get done. Your only excuse for a break is the toilet or to get food. Now the toilet ain’t a good place to find rest in. Especially not camp toilets.

So you got it. Food. Ridiculous amounts. Tons of it.

Then you realise your clothes just got a lot smaller. Suddenly, the washing machine shrunk all your jeans. Only at the waist.

Oh boy, now to combat fats. I’m not much of an outdoor person. I run a bit, jog when I’m really bored and dream about skydiving.

But I love to travel on my own. Get away from everything, stand by the waters and try skip a few stones.

So using my fat as an excuse, I got myself a bicycle for turning up a year older. Its a lot of fun. A great project to start. Travelling about 10 to 15 km daily. It started off really painful but its really worth it.

Cycling ain’t gonna make you slim down, but it is sure a good excuse to get away from it all when you need to.

Chinese New Year again. 1.5 litres of coke per day. Tons of roasted pork. Plenty of tidbits. Now I need an even bigger project.

Oh no.

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