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What is Your Value?

Everyone wants to be great. Or at least special, different, unique, etc. Most people want to hold the aforementioned qualities in a positive manner. There some twisted exceptions around but lets pretend that they are the minority.

Look around you. You can probably cut up your life based on the different social groups that you find yourself in. It could be Family – Teachers & Schoolmates – Friends. For some it might be Colleagues – Friends – Spouse – Kids. How are you special or different in each group? What do you contribute that others cannot? Are your contributions really unique and useful?

If the answer to the above is a blank stare, then its time you worked out your value to others. If you are no different from others, you are just a copy of another generic being. That also means you can be easily replaced.

Very easily replaced.

Its time to make yourself useful. Stop relying on others for everything. I know you’re reading this.

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