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40 klick & Other Matters

So I got down to rebuilding my cycling background. After stopping since 2004 I knew it was going to be tough. I’d love to join my uncle and his sizable group on trips to Malaysia, etc and for their weekly dash through the little jungle they can find in Singapore. But I know I have lost that stamina. The physical stamina that allowed me to take consistent trips from Changi Airport to Jurong Port, its all but gone. Lack of time, lack of commitment, lack of effort. My trips were usually no more than 6-10km around the west end of Singapore, sometimes poking North.

Rode to Sentosa from home and back. 40 klick and I think I should be keeping this as the baseline for further improvement.

Well I promised updates. Office has been going really fine. We have like 8 temp staff including myself. Everyone seems gelling fine. We’ve one seemingly overloaded admin staff, one “do-anything-and-everything” design staff and 6 syllabus staff. The geek part of me is happy cause the boss ordered a Quad Core PC for me with a 24 incher. Now the problem we have is that.. oh wait I think my contract says I can’t talk about it. Anyways, point to note, not all businessmen and women are born leaders.

I’m probably gonna hit NSC in April to fix myself before I start school. It’s been long coming anyways. Gonna have to redo my wardrobe (which if you can believe it, I never ever cared about). Gonna have to start working out as well. All this on top of the freelance work I have coupled with my “day job”. Timetabling calls out again…

Oh, I was told by a couple of friends that my “Values” category on this blog scares the crap outta them and / or I’m thinking too deeply. They might have a point really. But I have to keep in constant touch with myself. Most people think and project a certain image of themselves in their minds, never ever realizing that, in reality, they are absurdly different. I write those stuff to come back and check if I’ve forgotten what I am. Always have to counter check and make sure I’m on track.

Especially in recent times. It’s been a war between the mind and the heart. A neccessary one I knew I had to face sooner or later.

Keep the faith, follow the course.

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