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Never Ending Search for Stability

Isn’t that why you worry?

Worry about tomorrow, the next week, following month, next year, next stage of your life, etc. After living more than 2 decades on this earth, the one thing I’ll probably always crave seriously is stability. That’s down to the fact that stability grants happiness in my case.

Don’t get me wrong, I love surprises in life, but not ones that continually tease the foundations that you’re built on. I think it has become my style of handling all sorts of projects, requests, etc that come my way. I look to provide the requester stability and then work my butt off to solve the issue to maintain that stability. I don’t like to see people rocking on the high seas probably because I’d hate it if that happened to me. It has become so much part of me that it comes as second nature to anything that I deal with.

I’m writing this vaguely because I know people are looking at this. I have pretty much built myself from ground up to withstand storms. But if you happen to know that there’s a part of me that is not cemented yet, and you have the solution, let me know.


Dave Junia

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