Too quickly

I would have to say after the lull of 2 years in the army, my life has sped up in multiples in the past 2 months. I’ve been bombarded by a plethora of decisions both personal and work based. It was not difficult to make most choices. In fact, I would say it was pretty simple once you had yourself sorted way earlier.

But one issue remains, like a niggling itch that won’t go away. It’s a decision I made only once in my life and yet and still doubt if I was right to do so. I remember going through hell fulfilling it but it was kind of worthwhile in the end.

Should I do it again? The conditions have changed but the same decision remains. I’ll make full use of time I have and watch how things develop. Sometimes leaving the flour to sizzle on its own is better than attempting to turn it before it can form anything semi-solid.

Alright, back to work.