Core i7 – Mine

I seem to always miss the popular processor upgrades. I’m the guy who got a Pentium (1), Pentium III and the Pentium D. You would have noticed I missed the HUGELY popular Pentium IV and Core2Duo / Core2Quad series. So I finally got fed up of my Pentium D which even with much tolerance, is the slowest Dual Core CPU around even though it is clocked at 3Ghz.

Got myself the Core i7 and am loving the speed in which things are running. Currently running Windows XP 64bit. Will make the move to Windows 7 64bit when it launches. Core i7 is great. Windows XP 64 bit isn’t. I had to manually edit some installation files for Windows Live Messenger and iTunes to get things working. But its all smooth now.

Just waiting to get Windows 7 and all should be good.

For the next 3 years.