You can’t take the best of both

At some point you have to choose, to take one and leave the other. To weigh the options at hand and to pick the better one. It’s always hard to have to drop the second best, but its necessary because the best would leave if the decision is lengthily dwelt upon.

I think such decisions come more often then we think, whenever we choose, we automatically weigh and automatically discard. I’ve seen friends who bought products based on their outward appearances only to be furious to find out that more research would have given them a more value added purchase. I have done the same in another way and learnt my lesson through much pain.

It is funny how things are usually unbalanced, so much of one and so little of another. So in the end, one must decide which is more important and stick to that. Forgoing is painful, because as humans, we love to have the best of everything. But as the word “choice” suggests, one has to be left out because not everything can be taken in together.

As the realist I am becoming, I have to face emotions I have been avoiding and correct them. Take them under my wing and bend them to the flow. It’s time to be stop being stupid.

Not everything is worth its weight in gold, unless they prove otherwise. And then only, would they deserve a second chance.