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How Far Would You Bend?

How much would you accept and take after? There are only two options out of this. Accomodate or influence. That’s what things are. Life is a continual struggle between influences. Even though we might fool ourselves to believe that it is possible for both parities to stand their ground, the intial outlay will cause little self doubts to stream into their minds, causing their opionions to change in minute ways. And there you go – both influencing and influenced.

It is always thought that influencing others is better than being influenced. We want others to take after us because we believe we are the right model for others. How often is that wrong. How often do we come to a point to realise that there are areas in which we are found lacking in weakness. How often do we admit it, accept it and look for stronger branches to hold onto as we plough our way forward.

Influencing is a two way process, but as we change and develope, I believe we should not deviate to the point we forget our roots, our morals, our values. In short, controlled change.

If life be a learning process, than we should allow ourselves to be influenced. What benefits us should not be shunned but embraced, not feared but loved.

If we allow ourselves that little flexibility in our minds, a much better people we will all become.

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