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Another Transition Incoming

Stalford Stint

Learnt to use more than just Photoshop!

Learnt to use more than just Photoshop!

Time really flies. I’m drawing near to the end of my 6 month Stalford stint and it has been helluva interesting journey. Some things are better not said on this public blog! 2 weeks left and I’m rushing out some concept art, logos and 4 websites. Have already done up more than 50 signages, brochures, art boards and countless countless countless ideas and concepts. It’s been a good exposure in understanding what a full time designer does. I think the biggest fear of a designer is a creativity drain. Besides that the job is pretty fun and intrinsically rewarding.

Facebook – Addictive & Powerful

Will Events Facebook Group!

Will Events Facebook Group!

I’m involved with an investment startup called Will Holdings and we’re working on our first subsidiary Will Events. Our main marketting material has been to use Facebook and it has been pretty useful especially in our latest event “Clubbing For Charity”. Even with a bleak H1N1 shadow trailing the event’s venue, the event was a success. (Thanks guys for supporting!) Support us at this Facebook Group!

I’ve been using FB to keep old school memories together after Edwin (I know him better as Kah Wang) posted some old sec photos. Unglamorous but who cares! Really good memories! Been putting up photos from MI where I was the main photographer for 3 years. Keep posting photos, 04A4!

Windows 7 All Clear

Windows 7 - What Vista Should Have Been

Windows 7 - What Vista Should Have Been

Well on the geek side, it has been pretty interesting these few weeks. I’m moving my Core i7 system straight into Windows 7 RC1 as its main OS. The RC will expire 1 Mar ’10 so I have a good 8 months before I decide whether to buy Windows 7 retail. Will be running W7 as my only OS this evening after setting up a Raid 0 drive combination.

I’ll be getting the HP ProBook 4310s from NUS come 27 Jul. Good that they’re offering a free upgrade to Windows 7. I can’t wait to be able to do work on the bus or train. All the time spent in public transport is often wasted.

Arsenal – Time For the Old

Remember the old days Wenger

Remember the old days, Wenger

Adebayor is gone! And I don’t think he has to be replaced. The point is Arsenal never really had a target man upfront type of playing style during Wenger years. We were originally a soak-and-strike team. Relying on speed to catch the opposing team’s defenses down. That’s how the Henry, Pires, Viera, Ljungberg system worked. Viera was a box to box player that suited this style. Henry always cut in from the left and the 2 wingers were.. well wingers. That also gave our defense stability since we were waiting for them to come to us first. Adebayor was supposed to be the foil for Henry. However, Henry left soon after he came. Well now that Adebayor is gone. I hope Wenger plays back to the old ways and focus on defence and midfield stability. We have enough creative juices to spark a goal from no where especially when we lure the opponent into our half. I see Arshavin and RVP up front with Rosicky back on the wings and Nasri on his opposite end. I think Adebayor would do ok at Man City except he’s going to need to be a lot more clinical considering he ain’t getting the same midfield service he is used to at Arsenal.


CORS - Bid well or bid farewell

CORS - Bid well or bid farewell

Well my mind is now swirling on the NUS CORS system. It’s a module bidding system and it kinda sucks to know that hardwork isn’t only the requirement to get preferred modules, you have to know how to play the market in order to get your favoured modules. Losing out could mean taking a harder module that would affect your CAP almost certainly. Well, no use complaining. I’m going to have to play it right with advice from the seniors. =) Tks guys (and gals)!

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