Live and Let Live

Hold, Don't Squeeze
Hold, Don't Squeeze

I have to say that the last few days at home has been anything but pleasant. I don’t understand how he has to be in so much control of my life. How he thinks he knows everything and he knows me better than I know myself when in all honesty he got so many things wrong. That’s killing me and that’s putting a huge barrier between me and him. He thinks he can read me, he thinks he knows me. He doesn’t know that since the age of  6 I’ve been keeping things down to please my parents. Why? Because that was the easiest way to avoid punishments.

If you haven’t figured who him means. It’s my dad.

I pray I won’t turn out like him. Character traits are handed down both genetically and via influence and I know my dad has been pretty influential in my life. That’s how I turned into a debater, an analytical and observant person. I must not push over the limit where I think I know others better than they know themselves. Where I trust my own instincts more than I trust others. It’s dangerous cause I know what it is like to be under such and I don’t want to do the same.

If you love your child, then build the foundations. Once its there, let him grow from it. Stop trying to continually tweak a building when it has reached its 22nd storey. It doesn’t work that way. The building will crumble if you continue trying.

Live and let live. Sometimes the lesser you meddle, the more beautiful it becomes.