Thoughts for the coming semester

Back to school!
Back to school!

Well there’s no hiding that everyone in my shoes is anticipating with excitement and a certain level of anxiety of being a freshman. I have been trying to gather as much information to ensure I get my homework done about my school. Didn’t want to join any orientation camp as I had work to complete and honestly this may sound antisocial but I’m not the type that will go out to make friends just for the sake of having plenty of friends. I take my time with friendships preferring good long term quality friendships as opposed to multiple frivolous ones. The good ones will make themselves known over time. Take it easy.

Economics, no?

I always wanted to major in Economics and I have been told by every source out there that Economics is the hardest major in my faculty and no one dreams about getting a honours there. I’m not superman and I see myself as the bottom half of the cohort but I’ll do my best to maintain that crazy CAP requirement (>4.0 at all times) and see how far I can go. I guess the only way forward is doing plenty of background preparatory work and giving my 100% in every assignment. This is going to be a heavy 3-4 years but I kinda waited all my life for this final round of studies so might as well give it my all. Fingers crossed!


Much to hate and love about this system. The great thing about it is complete freedom in selecting your modules, choosing your lecture groups, tutorial groups, etc. The bad part? A lot of work planning your own academic journey (there are tons of requirements to fulfil before you can file for graduation) and you have to balance your timetable and examination schedule. Any clashes is your own fault. And a wrong move can cost you a wasted module in that semester. To maximize your experience in NUS and to maintain a good CAP, you’ve to be wise about picking modules that interest you and are generally easy to score. I’ve heard of some who took supposedly easy to score modules, know the content on the back of their hands but did miserably at the exams just because they were not used to the style of writing that particular subject required. Been familiarizing myself as well with the different rounds and I more or less know what to do when the Round 1C comes on 30 Jul 0900hrs. Planning is done, now its eBay time!


I don’t really have trouble adapting anyway as I’m easy going and accommodating but as usual the first few days will be a little awkward. Just hoping that I get to meet the right friends along the way. Well for those who know me well, its not just personal adaption that counts. I’m going to have to adapt in another way as well. I’m hoping that will turn out great too. =’)

Well here it is for now as I will be attending Orientation Talks on this coming Monday and Tuesday and would be matriculating on Wednesday. The week has finally come and its time to make the most of it from here on.