Adjusting to School

It has been 2 weeks of lectures in NUS. And more or less I’ve gotten used to the routine of rushing in between lectures, revising and preparing for them, maximizing free time in between at the library and facing a continual bombardment of adverts on the walkways, in lectures and in my email. A run down of the modules I’m taking

EC1101E – Economics (Planning to Major – CORS Bid 1pt)

Everything still seems ‘A’ levels like except it is categorized slightly differently. I’m watching the keywords used by the lecturer and noting the changes to curriculum structure to ease the assimilation. EC1101E also seems one of the lightest of all my modules this sem.

SN1101E – South Asian Studies (Faculty Exposure – CORS Bid 1pt)

Extremely content heavy especially if you did not take a study of history in South Asia. Nevertheless, one of the more interesting modules. Currently covering the political aspect of India, Bangladesh and Pakistan (hey they all came from the same colony!). To be frank I’m quite unsure how the assessment style is like but I’m covering content as much as I can (101 readings to do for this module) and cross analysing to see how far I can dig into each topic.

GE1101E – Geography (Faculty Exposure – CORS Bid 1pt)

The most entertaining lecture so far. Dr. T. C. Chang is good on stage. I bet he must have taken Literature or Linguistic Studies before. It’s a fun class but workload wise it does seem the heaviest as it requires 2 projects and a field trip or two. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a good group. Let’s just say that we’ve people crashing this lecture just for entertainment. That’s how fun it is.

GEK1500 – Geekland (General Education Module > Science – CORS Bid 318pts)

Highest points I spent for a module (ok considering the rest were nearly free lol). Interesting especially for IT freaks like me. It goes to a semi advanced level and is an eye opener for non IT tuned people. It does provide an extra technical background for those who are… like me ><. Interesting so far and there’s nothing much to do. The stuff taught are easy to remember, probably because of my interest.

MA1301 – Mathematics (Breadth Module – CORS Bid 1pt)

Heaviest in terms of time in lectures (2x 2hr lectures and 1x weekly tutorial) compared to the rest. I took this not out of interest but rather as a prerequisite for my Econometrics that is a core module for Econ Hons. (Keeping my fingers really crossed). It aims to cover H2 Maths in 6 months. Pace seems to be slow as the lecturer is rather occupied with taking the class quickly through A. Maths level topics. So pretty easy for me now and it really helps to get the 2 years of NS rust away. Lecturer does put in a lot of work in providing extra exercises and frequently communicates via IVLE.

There you go! All the modules I’m taking and such. Tutorials are starting next week and there is pressure to put on a good class performance as it is graded. Going to have to thicken my skin and give it a good shot.

I’ve been doing a lot of moving around these 2 weeks. Sometimes you wish everything and everyone was in one place.

I must say I have been happy these two weeks for various reasons. I’ve never felt more independent when it comes to learning and the self driven desire to go out and get myself immersed deeper into the subjects makes learning a hell lot more fun. There are also many even more important reasons to be glad about which I will not elaborate. Things are settling in pretty well and I hope things get better and smoother as the time continually flies by.

(BTW, in response to my troubleshoot post last week. The real problem for my main computer is the bloody SATA cable. Somehow, it got damaged. Changed it and everything has been working awesome).

Till the next time, adios!