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It’s been a busy week especially in terms of troubleshooting various issues with my devices. Don’t take this wrongly, everything else is going fine and although I had some issues of which I cannot discuss here, everything was resolved well. =)

M1 Sunsurf Goes Rogue

I finally made the switch to M1 from a Singtel Corporate plan. Finally got to use all my student benefits like unlimited SMS (hell of a saver), free campus calls and very importantly 3 completely unlimited calls to 3 M1 friends. =) Well, the switch wasn’t without it’s fair share of hiccups. Actually, just one. I was unable for some reason to use M1’s Sunsurf Mobile to receive GPRS packets. Not that it mattered to most since nearly every M1 subscriber could use MiWorld GPRS instead. However, my E71’s GPS feature required Sunsurf for its AGPS signal. AGPS is deadly important for one to be able to lock down his position quickly as it takes roughly 10mins to do so for normal satellites. Well, long story short, I spent more than 10 calls with their technical support people which were friendly but not too knowledgeable. I tried everything on my end to get it up and running but to no avail. It was only at the 2nd visit to their IMM centre that they realised that they did not activate my M1 Sunsurf service on their backend. All’s resolved now and I’m back on full mobile capability with a much much reduced bill.

RAID0 – In DisArray

I feared for this to happen and by golly it did happen soon enough. Apparently my Raid0 setup met St Peter due to a software fault. I had initially thought my 2nd hard drive had failed but after relaying arrays everything was fine. Raid0 is indeed fragile so I’m keeping my watch for this. The shit part about crashing is restoring full capability quickly. I have all my files and documents backed up so I’m not losing anything much but those little things like the list of programs I install, preferences, extensions, bookmarks and all are lost. Not large articles but still irritating to say the least. Gonna rebuild my Win 7 setup slowly.

First Laptop – My HP 4310s

Woot! Finally a laptop. I’ve been through so many laptops helping friends to repair, etc that I was not that excited when I first used my HP ProBook 4310s. I’d say everyone including Apple has taken a page out of Sony’s Vaio series and have keys spaced apart. The keyboard feels great, screen is bright and sharp and the touchpad traction is superb. Build quality threads a fine line between solid and classy looking.  I went for the maroon version cause that’s the matte one. I can’t imagine leaving all my fingerprints and palm marks on the black full gloss version. The laptop is speedy with a top end T9600 processor (2.8Ghz C2D). I was amazed to find out that the discrete graphics (ATI Radeon 4330) could handle TF2 smoothly on high settings. The only drawback is the hard drive which to be fair is standard issue for all notebooks. It’s a 500GB 5,400rpm drive that cannot compare to my RAID0 7,200rpm drive setup on my Core i7 but yet again that isn’t a fair comparison. One thing to watch out for is that the bundled HP applications is pretty much bloated. If you can go without fingerprint log ons, forget about installing the security suite. It bogs the system down a lot during startup. I’m still having fun with logging on via running my finger on the device but when I grow out of that, HP’s security suite goes outta the box. It just feels good that I can do my work anywhere I want and be productive on the go. Oh yea, McAfee Internet Security 2009? Resource hog. Period.

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