A Hectic Update


Studies on the express lane
Studies on the express lane

It’s been a long while since I last blogged. Things have heated up in school pretty much. I have at this point completed 2 projects 1 term paper 5 tests 1 debate and am facing another 3 tests this coming week (and yes, 1 project as well). There are still more tests, projects and of course the final exams which would be in a months time. Which idiot told me uni life was slack? Considering I’m only taking 5x Level 1 modules, I can expect this to be four times as bad in the coming years. Pretty happy with how the results have been showing so far but the amount of time put into school work has rivaled whatever effort I have placed in school before.


My laptop is now a Studio 1450

I lost my HP laptop. Yep, within 5 mins my entire laptop was stolen. I was down for like a week. You know how it feels like to lose $1,850.00 for nothing. Well, not to cry over split milk, I have replaced it with a Dell Studio 14 which is a slight upgrade over my HP ProBook 4310s. Better CPU, GFX, Stronger Battery Life, Back lit Keyboard, Sweat resistant palm rest, tougher build, slimmer charger, better multimedia controls, brighter display. Everything sounds nice except for one thing. It does not have a hard disk indicator light. Yup, zilch, I never thought that was possible. I had to install a software end hard disk indicator to work around it. But besides this rather small yet irritating missing component, this laptop has been working absolutely great. I have Win 7 Ultimate (x64) running on it really smoothly. And am using the MS Presenter Notebook Mouse 8k with it. Managed to cut $100 off the price by importing it from the U.S. The reason for my loss of the HP ProBook was down to carelessness caused by me leaving around cause I couldn’t keep the laptop in my sling bag. So to ensure I do not lose another big bunch of money I got a Targus Wanderer backpack where I can dump all my school shit in together with the laptop. I’m not going to lose this and I will personally ******** the person who took my HP ProBook if I find him/her.


Keep this consistency going boys
Keep this consistency going boys

On the brighter side of things, Arsenal have been going on smooth after 2 defeats in Manchester where they were frankly the better team. I think there’s one thing to learn from Utd and that is losing big games do not really matter. United took only 1 point from Arsenal from 2 league games last season but were yards ahead because they could kill off the small teams. Something that Arsenal could not do. That part seems solved. The Verminator has been a massive addition to the squad and Song is finally showing some promise. Early days yet, but encouraging nevertheless. Actually I’ll trade the EPL title for breaking Adebayor’s legs (into multiple parts). Seriously.

Back to WoW

Not my screenshot, but very similar

On the gaming end, yes I have returned to WoW and am primarily playing on a new server (goodbye dragonblight) on recommendation by some of the friends who first showed me the game 3 years back. Rolling a druid since they need one but I might shift my warrior over some day. No real time to play it yet as my studies are hitting its most feverish point.

In short I can’t wait for the hols, I want to end this semester well and enjoy my hols. Goodness knows if I am able to post here before dec. If I’m not, here’s saying I’m still alive and I really want to get to dec.