2009 – The Year In Review

This blog is over a year old already and it is still alive which makes this a new blogging milestone for me. I remember hitting up a post like this before 2008 ended and here is 2009’s edition. Time really flies.

2009 was a largely satisfying year with few hiccups

What Went Right

  • Studies: I’m very happy with my performance in Sem 1 in NUS, a 4.4 CAP on first try is an encouraging point to start off with. Hoping to push on further. Getting into good groups for all my team based assignments.
  • Geekish: Core i7 Desktop and an incoming Core i7 laptop. Having all my systems run efficiently with no hiccups.
  • Soccer: Arsenal is probably doing the best they have done so far in comparison to the last 4 years. Verminator was simply a revelation at the back. More than replaced Toure. Song is maturing into a sold DM that we lacked since Flamini left.
  • Health: My sinus operation in 2008 made things better. I seldom had flu or cough this year.
  • Family: Improved ties

What Went Wrong

  • Studies: Taking Maths as a breadth. Mathematics is not difficult but I was not consistent in the first half of the semester causing me to plunge nearly 80% of my time into Maths during the second half to make up. If you want to take Maths in NUS, you have to bear up with double number of lectures, quadruple the workload and quintimple tests and exams. CAP would have been higher without it.
  • Geekish: Loss and theft of my laptops.
  • Soccer: Adebayor not being shot in the leg yet. RVP’s injury.
  • Health: Lack of Sleep. Slight ringing in my ears when I am sleep deprived. I am eating way too much. Need to cut down.

Aims for 2010

  • Studies: Pushing my CAP to 4.6 with better time management now that I learnt from my mistakes in Sem 1.
  • Geekish: No more losses and thefts please. Better physical security measures. ATI 5870 or GT300 when Fermi actually lanches.
  • Soccer: Either the EPL, CL or FA Cup would be a nice bonus. No more injuries please.
  • Health: More sleep! (yea right) Better diet (has to be right)
  • Family: Stronger ties

Here’s wishing everyone Happy 2010 and may the year ahead be a generally smooth sailing one (gotta be realistic).