Back From the Dead!

Man it has been a long time since I blogged. What can I say? School was much tougher in Sem 2 and I had many side running projects as well. Semester 2 went ok in terms of results. Economics is just Mathematics seriously. Micro was like E Maths and Macro, A Maths. And to top it all off, Econometrics is simply Statistics. So that’s Economics in NUS for you.

I’m not going to write long posts as I had before. Actually the thought of writing long posts has put me off blogging for a bit because I simply have no time to do so. Expect the following to be covered in the next few weeks:

  • World Cup, World Cup and more World Cup
  • IT stuff. I’m probably getting the iPhone 4 and nVidia and ATI should be releasing new GPUs in the coming months.
  • How podcasts have taken over my music.
  • Twitter, Facebook and the privacy debacle

Well, a short update. I’m working now and will be working till mid July or so after which I seriously need a break and have to prepare for the next semester.

Till the next update, adiós.