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Happenings on Public Buses

I was told I have quite an experience to top off my bus taking routine daily. I don’t know if I’m a jinx or jinxed but I will compile the more memorable happenings on the bus.

Bus 154

This actually inspired me to write this post. On the way back from Church I was sitting at the backseat waiting to get home when the bus stopped and a smart looking mid to late twenties guy got down the bus. He then proceeded to run towards my direction, jumped up to reach my window and smashed his arm twice into it. It was like an attempt to punch me through the window. He then walked away quietly from the bus. I don’t know if that was some stunt, or he was trying to let off some steam, or he was on some dare but the bus driver did get really pissed and got down to confront him only to find that he had walked too far off. I don’t think I offended anyone but one can only imagine if he had punched me directly, I could have sued him for a sweet amount.

Bus 199

I got onto the bus feeling grouchy that the aircon was down and it was stuffy. The smell wasn’t good either, it smelt like overdone BBQ. So I sat on the top deck ready to take a nap when the bus driver got up and tapped my shoulder to ask me to get down. He spoke in Mandarin which more or less meant I couldn’t understand and so I just got down and looked at the back of the bus. Holy ****! The bus was on fire.

Bus 240

Getting to work in the morning, I sat close to the front on this feeder like bus and was again half asleep when I woke up to realize that everyone was standing behind me and the seats in front of me (bar an old man) was completely empty. I sat up to see a gross mis act of self pleasure that the old man was indulging in which got him to be sent off the bus by a half bewildered and half angry bus driver.

Bus 197/154

These buses ply the AYE and I’ve witnessed 3-4 accidents happening right as my bus was passing by. It’s pretty usual for me to look out of the window and see vehicles go at each other leading to a bloody metal mess. At least my bus won’t be held back in the resulting jam

Bus 96

I was taking a trip back from school when a student had a bug that was at least as big as my thumb (not a cockroach, more like a huge beetle that was mud coloured and had really weird hairy legs) creep up on her from the backseat of the bus and clung tightly to her hair. It was a mess to remove and there was ample screaming to go around.

Bus 199

The bus was again full not because it was at capacity but because some Caucasian chap did not move it and everyone else did not bother. Another Caucasian was trapped outside the bus and badly needed to board it (or so it seemed to be). So he shouted into the bus, ‘Can you guys ****ing move in? Stop being such ****ing *******s.’ He got on finally when the former Caucasian moved in and then realized that he knew him and casually went ‘Ey mate, I didn’t know you were one of them.’ Hold your tongue before you swear.

Bus 240

I’m sure many have seen this before but I got onto witness a long distance conversation spanning between a guy at the backseat and another near the front. It was so bad that everyone was staring them down but they never bothered to tone down or just use the damned phone to call each other. I’m sure the entire bus knew what they were talking about except me cause the conversation was held in Mandarin.

Who said a bus trip had to be boring?

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