Here we go again

The second half of the semester starts tomorrow. Compared to the last, this has been a relatively smooth semester. Last semester was a nightmare and I’m very glad to have escaped that. I have 1 difficult module, 3¬†manageable¬†ones and 1 that would be S/Ued (elective). In fact, I’m not sure if I have sufficient modules to burn my S/U options on. Dropping WoW off my time has been a tremendous boost, I have enjoyed reading and writing a lot more and have dabbled in a lot of other games. This month will be a month of deadlines. In fact a total of 5 of them. 1 completed, another awaiting instructions, 1 that should be relatively simple to complete and 2 more that fall under the S/U module.

This is a short update. I’ve started procrastinating because of a relatively slow schedule. Need to maximize time available. I’m going to give the second half of the semester my best shot and hope all goes well.