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Short Update


It’s been a tough week. I have been focusing on getting this paper completed. It is the toughest for the semester and I have been sick as well this week. Next week would be a crunch with a solo presentation on this paper, another group paper and group presentation (albeit the last 2 are significantly easier).


It’s been an excellent month for the gunners. 7 EPL victories on trot which makes it our best run for 5 years. It was a straightforward win against Villa. I did not expect Villa to be so lowly placed at 15. They used to be top 5 quality. Well that was also back in the day that Leeds was chasing fourth place. ┬áRVP looked off colour but Gibbs, Walcott and Arteta did their part. The next two games will be tough. QPR away are games that Arsenal usually drop points at. Following that is home to Manchester City’s super stars, that would be a true test of this team.

Elsewhere, everyone cheered when Bolton got their victory in the first game post Muamba. The support for Muamba before kick off was heart warming. It is hardly ever possibly to get positive endings out of these situations and I’m thankful it has turned out this way.


Nothing much really. Went back to do some WoW Battlegrounds to test out my new 30″ monitor. WoW on 2560×1600 looks absolutely great. Also more or less completed Defense Grid with the most major achievement completed. 150 gold medals and counting (less than 6-7 left before full completion)

150 Gold Medals

150 Gold Medals

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