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Of School, Startups & Jobs

It has been an incredibly busy week and it will remain so for the coming month or so. I have had my hands full with many things ranging from studies, working on an exciting new start up, some contract work and a few other projects. I’ll keep my updates short and sweet.


Studies – Welcome to Honours Year

I have decided to go for the jugular and do both Micro and Macro level 4 at one shot and it is challenging. EC4101 and EC4102 are probably going to take up most of my time this semester. However, it is really nice to have proper professors taking these modules.

Read, digest and understand.

Read, digest and understand.

Many Year 3 and lower modules were handled by a variety of profs ranging from excellent to down right terrible. So far, the five Year 4 modules I have taken / am taking have been handled by good profs. Great relief. EC4361 (Labor) rounds up the three Year 4 mods I’m taking this sem. My options next sem is either to do a thesis or to do an independent study module with 2 other modules. Let’s see how things go. I’m currently leaning towards the later.

Pretty tough sem lined up – must survive.

I’m also taking NM3210 (Cybercrime) and GE2215 (GIS & Remote Sensing) as unrestricted electives. The former is really light and something suited to me. The later is a little more foreign but I am very interested in it ever since Year 1. I have met many graduate students from various fields who are taking this Geographical Information Systems module because it’s a useful skill. It would be great if I can do a topic with a mix of economics and GIS next semester.


A New Start Up

Prior to this new undertaking, I was involved in a start up called Will Events which undertook various events ranging from the media covered ‘Clubbing for a Cause’ and more formal events ranging from Dinner & Dance to yatch parties. I functioned mainly as the design lead and it was an eye opening experience. My friends and I did make a tidy sum (nothing big) but that and the experience was well worth it.

I will not name the new one yet but its a joint initiative with the same members who founded Will Holdings / Will Events.

It’s great to have your own office and be given time and space to create something new.

This one has attracted interest from school and we are kindly supported by NUS Enterprise.  I’d shed more light on it when we go live.

Something's brewing...

Something’s brewing…


Post Internship Work

It has been some what of a track record that when I leave a job, I never really leave it. In my internship the Ministry of Trade and Industry and also working at Stalford Holdings, I have always returned on a part time basis to continue supporting my former employers. The same has occurred again and I am returning to SingHealth for about a week to help finish one of the projects I was involved in.

Hello again!

Hello again!

I don’t really mind doing so given the time. I’ve been blessed to have worked under nice employers and with wonderful colleagues.


Job Hunting

I’m on my final year so it is time to start job hunting. It’s a huge hassle though. I wish there were easier solutions in place. So much time and money wasted on frictional unemployment. You would have thought the techno-centric economists and policy makers would have found a solution.

Resume writing and have strong recommendations are complete but the need to attend talks, conferences, interviews and the whole nine yards is tiring and the process – inefficient. It needs a proper fix.



This marks the start of a very very busy semester. I will still write because I love writing and its a great avenue to organize thoughts and bookmark ideas. Ok, off to work.

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