Snippets: 27 February 2013

Oscar VFX protests, Google vs. Samsung, Understanding the harlem shake

Snippets: 27 February 2013
Snippets: 27 February 2013

Have you often thought that most visuals you saw in movies were fake? Well, yes they are. However, VFX artists are protesting against the decision to cut off a thank you speech directed at them during the Oscars yesterday. Maybe these guys should start getting the credit they deserve. Google and Samsung are supposedly best buddies on their way to tech domination but it doesn’t seem to be the case now. Google feels threatened by Samsung and is worried that it will be wholly dependent on a single hardware partner. Maybe that Motorola purchase has finally come in handy. The Harlem Shake is somewhat likened to the second coming of Gangnum Style for good reason. Find out how these, somewhat irritating yet attention grabbing, videos tick and make flood your social media streams effectively. When you are a Singaporean you are always encouraged to dream big and see the world as your oyster. How about space? There are plans to send one of us to space. It didn’t mention if it was a two way trip or if we had actual concrete plans. Finally, a capitalist led market with democratic political elements has always been a point of contention when placed next to communist counterparts. The century old argument rolls on as free market advocates are predicting that 2013 will be the best year ever. If you are not a communist that is.


#1: Post Oscars: Protests by Visual Effects Artists

The Oscars have been handed out but the controversy has only begun. This time it is about visual effects artists being shunned after Bill Westenhofer made efforts to thank VFX specialists for their work in the success of ‘Life of Pi’. As he thanked the VFX crew, his mic was silenced and music played over it. That could be the reason why you’ve started seeing Facebook profile photos turn green the past day or two. [Via Aceshowbiz]


#2: Google Worried by Samsung’s Dominance

You would have thought that Google will be snuggling up tight with Samsung. Well Android’s top hardware manufacturer from Korea is worrying the creator of Android itself. Google is worried about Samsung’s domination in what could be a reverse of the usual software-hardware partnership. Microsoft spent decades having multiple hardware partners dependent on it and Google was ready to roll out the same model. However, Samsung’s runaway leadership of the Android platform has Google worried that it will be over reliant on Samsung. Time to bring out the Motorola shaped guns? [via The Verge]


#3: Understanding the Harlem Shake

I thought Gangnum style was more ridiculous than hilarious. Then came the Harlem Shake. Nonetheless, these two music videos have spawned a genre of viral performances kick starting a very different model of entertainment. This well written editorial takes a close look on how the Harlem Shake went from viral sideshow to a global phenomenon.  [via The Verge]


#4: Singaporean in Space by 2015

The sky is not the limit. A Singapore hi tech firm is planning to send a Singaporean to space in just 2 years time. This is in collaboration with its efforts to develop a space-science education. Before you discard this as an overly ambitious plan, the government has announced plans to set up a new Office for Space Technology and Industry. All that leaves is a rocket and a trained astronaut in 2 years. Oh, a return ticket too. [via Yahoo! News]


#5: Will 2013 be the Year of the Free Market?

The past 2 years has seen an ‘Arab spring’. Well, it’s spring if you are a free market evangelist. This opinionated piece comments on the continual battle between communists and capitalists. It’s an interesting read especially if you are into that mix of political science, philosophy and economics.  [via Guardian]