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Apple’s iWatch, an unfoldable apartment, how to get rich legally

Snippets: 13 February 2013

Snippets: 13 February 2013

2013 looks more iWatch rather than iTV according to analysts. Infinity Loop may want to dominate your wrist just like the old spy movies. We run a very real chance of living in tiny cooped up rooms in the near future. Here’s one way to manage it. Want to get rich? Work for the government in Brazil and earn huge bucks legally. If you were waiting eagerly for AMD’s Radeon 8000 series, set your clocks forward by a year or move to the green camp. The statistics keep rolling in and this time Singapore is 3rd in Asia on the list of most expensive cities to live in. Looks like that tiny home is a surety now.


#1: Apple’s iWatch Rumors Gather Momentum

Apple needs a new product line to be exciting again and pundits / analysts have been throwing ideas at the wall. So far, 2 have stuck – a television set or a smart watch  Needless to say the later is more realistic since TV margins are razor thin and last generation’s iPod Nano did fit the watch form factor. Could we be talking to our watches Dick Tracy styled this year? [via The New York Times]


#2: Unfoldable Space Saving Apartment In Pictures

Space is a rarity these days and its not just Singapore and Hong Kong. A New York apartment is showed off in these pictures where everything must be done in a single 450 square foot studio in Manhattan. The result? Everything is unfoldable. Huge double beds fold into cabinets and so do desks and television sets and well… just about everything.  You should take a look at this because this might very well be your next home. [via Normal Projects]


#3: Brazilian Civil Servants Earn Up to US$361,500 Monthly

That figure didn’t have a typo. Nope its a comma not a full stop and if you are a judge in Brazil. US and European civil servants are facing pay cuts and retrenchment but everything is fine and dandy in the land of football. In fact, some civil servants may be making more dough than their superstar footballing counterparts. Engineers can net US$263,000 and clerks can hit US$226,000 annually. Some parking valets even fetch US$138,000 a year. No wonder Brazil’s mayor joked about plans to move up the financial food chain by quitting his job and getting into a garage. [via The New York Times]


#4: No New Radeon GPUs from AMD This Year

After being knackered by nVidia in the desktop and laptop GPU market last year, AMD has decided to skip the annual update of its Radeon series to focus on other areas such as consoles. It is betting on software optimization and updates to push its current Radeon 7000 series forward in 2013. This is bad news for consumers as nVidia is slowly tightening the screw on this market. We don’t need another Intel-AMD model in the GPU market. [via TechpowerUp]


#5: Singapore is 3rd Costliest Asian City to Live in

Singaporeans may be right about bearing a hefty burden of living in the island state. It has been ranked 3rd in Asia and 6th in the world as the most expensive city to live in. The World Cost of Living 2013 survey was conducted by The Economist Intelligence Unit with a sample size of 131 cities. New York is the baseline. Increases in costs are mainly said to stem from inflation and increase in wages. [via ChannelNewsAsia]

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