Snippets: 11th February 2013

Halal bak kwa, Singaporean footballing leader, Samsung’s own sheep

Snippets: 11th February 2013
Snippets: 11th February 2013

Not liking pork is no longer a reason to resist bak kwa, get the all new beef version today. We (Singaporeans) didn’t make Goal 2010 and it looks like we won’t be getting into the World Cup finals any time soon. Nonetheless, a fearless Singaporean has made his mark on European football. His name is not Fandi. Moving on to tech, Apple’s fans are all dumb sheep right? Nope. Samsung has outscored Apple again and now commands a larger Galaxy of (S)heep. Also, if you don’t believe that Gmail is secure enough, you need to tinker with a bit of encryption. Thankfully, there’s an easy solution out there via a Chrome plugin and it works great. Remember your dream of being a F1 car driver? Here’s a step in the right direction. Taking a long loving gaze at the wheel and you’re sure to come away a little more down to earth.


#1: Halal Beef Bak Kwa Gaining Popularity

Bak kwa is the favored delicacy for Lunar New Year. However, the sinful but wonderfully roasted slices of pork leaves out a large chunk of the Singapore population. In a similar move to how we made char siew pau halal, the same has been successfully done with bak kwa. This time beef is used as a substitute intstead of chicken. If you want to share your bak kwa with a friend that doesn’t like pork, pay Dendeng House a visit and grab your very own beef bak kwa. The chickens have been spared. [via ChannelNewsAsia]


#2: Singaporean Suspect in European Football Match Fixing

Football fans were given a tasty brief of the ongoing EUROPOL investigation into match fixing at both national and club levels in football. Big numbers are being thrown around but apparently the ring leader or key suspect comes from an island state – Singapore. Tan Seet Eng or Dan Tan is a key suspect in what could be the biggest match fixing scandal in football history. The Italian police (and luckily for Tan not the mafia) has issued an arrest warrant for the apparent ‘ring leader’ but the man claims he is innocent and will fight it in court. Singapore Pools will be very much displeased.  [via New Straits Times]


#3: Samsung’s Fans are More Loyal than Apple’s

Remember when Samsung made fun of Apple’s ridiculously loyal fans as iSheep? We may now need a (S)heep or a Galaxy of Sheep this time. The tables have been turned. Samsung and Amazon apparently has more loyal fans than the Apple crowd. The Brand Keys customer loyalty index surveys 39,000 people, making it generalizable to the entire United States population with 95 percent confidence. This piece of news will definitely feed the never ceasing, utterly redundant fan boy wars. Which pen do you graze in? [via Venture Beat]


#4: How to Send Encrypted Messages in Gmail

SafeGmail is a Chrome extension that lets you encrypt your emails before sending them out. For your receiver to open this encrypted email, they need to give the right answer to a question you have set. It’s quite easy to use and is great for sending urgent and important messages safely to the intended receiver. Hit this link to find out how you can avoid repeating what a certain former U.S. general did. [via]


#5: A Look at the Complex F1 Steering Wheel

If you are being paid millions of dollars to pilot one of the fastest land vehicles on the planet, be ready to deal with a steering wheel of the same magnitude. It is jammed with enough switches and dials to make an airline pilot cross-eyed. Here’s a breakdown of the controls F1 drivers constantly adjust—while battling other cars at 200 mph. It has a total of 18 functions. Logitech are you listening? [via Popular Mechanics]