Snippets: 15 February 2013

Tamagotchi on Android, bypass iOS 6.1 lockscreens, cops that murder

Snippets: 15 February 2013
Snippets: 15 February 2013

Do you have fond memories of the tamagotchi? Relive it for free if you have an Android device. Staying with smartphones, a familiar bug occurs again on iOS. Version 6.1 allows anyone to easily bypass the lockscreen, make calls and send messages. The LAPD officer who turned into a killer sparked a statewide manhunt and also turned the spotlight on why cops can turn into murderers that easily. Daily chores suck but here’s some help – fold tops in 2 seconds so that you have that extra bit of time… to do other chores. Finally, EU and US are talking up a FTA deal. If it passes, this agreement will be the world’s largest FTA and will cause economic ripples worldwide.


#1: Tamagotchi is Back as an Android App

Remember the Tamagotchi? Yes the original craze from Japan that preceeded Digimon and other variants. Take care of a digital pet, feed it, play with it, clean up its poo and ultimately watch it grow and die. It was all rage nearly 20 years ago. Guess what? It’s back. Kids these days will never understand why we carried a rather thick device just to feed a pet but they can now experience that as an app on all Android devices. An iOS version is in the works. [via Tamagotchi Life]


#2: Bypass iOS 6.1 Lockscreens

Apple has two niggling problems with iOS – the new year’s clock and lockscreens. The latter has reared its ugly head again as you can easily bypass the lock screen and you can call or message just about anyone. I wonder how such bugs are found as it requires pretty quick fingers. One more for Apple’s software QA team to deal with. [via YouTube]


#3: Dorner: Police Offers who Kill

Christopher Dorner dominated the news in the past few days as he turned from cop to crook in executing a series of murders. He was discharged from the Los Angeles Police Department and the retired Navy trained officer vowed revenge for what he claims to be unjust dismissal. Dorner allegedly died in a fire that consumed his cabin as police officers surrounded it. His rampage brings to light an interesting point – there is only a fine line between a killer and a police officer. This interesting editorial looks through many similar traits between both sides of the law and how easily things can go awry when the wrong person is given training and equipment. [via BBC News]


#4: Fold Shirts, T-Shirts and Tops in 2 Seconds

Folding tops ain’t tough but what if you could do each of them in just 2 seconds? I’ve tested it personally and it works. This technique will save you time especially if you have tons of laundry to get through. It takes a little while getting used to it but the moment you can estimated the right spots, you’ll be getting rid of your daily chores a lot quicker. [via YouTube]


#5: EU and US FTA Talks Begin

Discussions on free trade agreements between the European Union and the United States have begun. If it goes through, this FTA may well be the largest trade deal in history. Both the US and EU are dealing with lumbering economies and a strategic trade boost might inject the needed momentum in both markets. Reliance on partnerships with China has seen limited options for the EU and this may very well be yet another ticket out of the 2009 mess. [via BBC News]