Snippets: 2nd Feb 2013

The movies lied, have a Nacho, PS4 launches in Feb.

Snippets: 2nd Feb 2013
Snippets: 2nd Feb 2013

Snippets is a new category of posts. On days without editorial styled content, snippets will share interesting articles, photos or videos around the web that pertain to economics, news, technology and football. Or just plain entertaining and intriguing links such as debunking the wrong survival skills that Hollywood taught you. The football deadline transfer day sees Arsenal make a signing they need that will delight writers. 2013 will introduce two new gaming consoles while we may be able to print buildings… away from earth. And of course, how could you miss the latest in the 2030 Singapore population figures debate?


#1: Five Survival Skills the Movies Taught You Wrong

Like it or not, the movies often provide the first impression of things that we have not come across before. You would have thought that CPR is an effective skill or that you should tilt your head back to stop a nosebleed. Debunk the top five myths here. [via Lifehacker]


#2: Arsenal signs Nacho. Puns ensue.

After spending the transfer window attempting to sign want away Barcelona striker David Villa, Wenger landed Nacho Monreal from Malaga just 6 months after signing Santi Cazorla from the same club. This, in my opinion, is a more important signing as Gibbs is out injured (again) and Santos’s form has dipped so far down he makes Eboue look like… I was going to say Sagna but never mind about that. Besides carrying a name better known for a snack, the Gunner’s new left back somehow looks like a cross between the much loved Benayoun and the much respected Gary Neville. See it for yourself. [via]


#3: The next Sony PlayStation to be unveiled on February 20

While news of the XBOX 720 points to a launch this year, Sony has stolen the limelight by announcing a huge press event for the next PlayStation. Sony’s popular console has fallen behind the XBOX but remains popular with a huge fan base and an impressive array of specs for console gaming. Best of all, you can register your interest here. [via Sony]


#4: Moon bases could be 3D-printed from lunar soil

We want to live on another planet and the moon is a good stepping stone for that. The European Space Agency now reckons that instead of spending trillions attempting to move structures to the moon for assembly, we can simply print a building using native moon soil. Sounds whacky but I love it. 3D printing has a huge future and this is certainly allows us to dream a little further. [via Techcrunch]


#5: 6.9 million population projection is “worst case scenario”

Responding to the uproar against Singapore reaching 6.9 million people in 2030, Minister Khaw stressed that that figure depicts only the worst case scenario. This was after a population white paper was released publically. One could only have hoped that the white paper, or Mr. Khaw would mention a lower bound. [via Singapolitics ST]