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Diablo 3 better on consoles? Microsoft defends RT, Goal scoring machines

Snippets: 26 March 2013

Snippets: 26 March 2013

Will Blizzard’s first foray into consoles create a better Diablo 3 on consoles than on PCs? This would surely reignite the PC vs. Consoles argument. Microsoft took a strange decision to launch Windows RT. Redmond is now defending as many believe it should have simply stuck with Windows 8. Football is all about goals and goal scoring machines, well… maybe not. Goal scoring machines are rare and you would seldom find a consistent 20-30 goal a season striker in the league. Pet lovers who have never seen their cats and dogs drink up in slow motion are in for a treat. Here’s how lapping is done and it looks like a really difficult way to get a refreshing drink. Lastly, if you haven’t had enough people telling you when you should brush your teeth, here’s more advice.


#1: Is Diablo 3 Best Played on Consoles?

The much maligned PS4 ‘launch’ included a surprise as Blizzard announced it would be porting Diablo 3 to consoles. Having made PC only games so far, Blizzard’s willingness to try the console was met with both surprise and skepticism. However, a beta port has been completed for the PS3 and here is a tester’s experience. Will a successful Diablo 3 launch on consoles signal more Blizzard ports to come?  [via Kotaku]


#2: Microsoft Defends Windows RT

I always felt that Windows RT was an odd choice for Microsoft. Some believed it was Redmond’s attempt at trying out the ARM architecture in case Intel could not build power efficient processors. Well, I had written last year before the launch that Windows RT is a severely handicapped operating system with no application of note at launch. In some ways, it was like buying a tablet running WebOS. It is no surprise that Windows RT has not done well with Windows 8 rightly deemed as the real thing. Nonetheless, allow Microsoft to defend it’s decisions to launch RT which did confuse consumers and marred the 8 launch. [via Winsupersite]


#3: Is a Goal Scoring Machine Necessary?

Strikers are probably the most admired lot among footballers. That’s because they usually do what the end objective of the game is about – scoring goals. However, 20 to 30 goal a season strikers are rare. In the past two decades, Thierry Henry was the only striker to consistently produce a glut of goals over many seasons. Robin Van Persie managed to cross the 30 mark for the first time in his career in the EPL last season and has failed to cross the 20 mark so far. Luis Suarez is the league’s current top scorer but this is something out of the ordinary for him. The author looks through league statistics and discusses if a huge goal machine is needed as compared to having goals being spread around the team. [via 1 Nil Down 2 One Up]


#4: Cats and Dogs in Slow Motion

If you are an animal lover and would like to see how the most common pets drink up in slow motion, this is the perfect link for you. I personally have owned two cats, and it always amazes me how inefficient their method of drinking liquids is. Well, observe it in slow motion in a cat vs. dog face off.  [via YouTube]


#5: When to Brush Your Teeth

There are so many rules about brushing your teeth. The most basic of which is to brush twice a day. Some say it doesn’t make sense to brush before you sleep and after you wake, preferring that you space out your brushing routine more evenly. There are also those that claim you should brush after every meal. Here’s a look at when you should brush your teeth. There’s actually an optimal time gap after each meal as well. [via Lifehacker]

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