Snippets: 1 March 2013

Facebook privacy tips, read final tweets before death, it’s time to learn coding

Snippets: 1 March 2013
Snippets: 1 March 2013

Facebook is a privacy nightmare and here is how you can deal with it. Final words are probably the last memories you have of an individual, how about some final tweets? Programming is going to be a life skill, so get on it by watching this video. If you are listening to a new album, chances are it has been auto tuned. Find out how this has impacted the music industry. Lastly, here’s the answer to whether paying attention to your shampoo and conditioner matters.


#1: Facebook Privacy Tips

Facebook is free and that’s because you are the product. The amount of data that you willingly upload on Facebook is used to determine things like how ads are being sent to you and your friends. However, it may be difficult to go cold turkey and leave Facebook considering how popular the network has become.  The key here is managing, not avoiding and here are a few things you can do. [Via Lifehacker]


#2: Final Tweets Before Death

Death is intriguing. It’s an unknown and that’s why it is one of the most interesting experiences that captures our imagination. Last words have always been a thing to cherish and remember. However, most final words are not prepared. Untimely or unexpected ends occur and you can now see the tweet variation of ‘final words’ on this site. It is somewhat dark yet fascinating. [via The Tweet Hereafter]


#3: Tech Celebs Encourage Kids to Code

Programming is the language of the future. While software engineers have done a pretty good job covering many needs in creating billions of apps in the last 60+ years of computing, it is said that there is a major shortage of such skills globally. Tech celebrities are encouraging people to pick up programming as a second language. Take a look and yes, is the odd one out here. [via PC Mag]


#4: How Auto Tune Conquered Pop Music

Auto Tune is like Photoshop except it does all the touching up in audio and at times completely overhauls vocals. This editorial shines the spotlight on the impact of Auto Tune on the music industry and just how every artist is now scientifically pitch perfect. Is Auto Tune doing music a favor? [via The Verge]


#5: Shampoo and Conditioner Tips

I have been told to pay more attention about taking care of my outward appearance considering I can hardly tell the difference between shampoos. Worse still, I have only used a conditioner for less than than 10 times in the space of my entire life. Hit the link if you need to understand the importance of choosing the right product. [via Lifehacker]