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Google Keep, Simon Cowell on YouTube exclusive, Chameleon for Android

Snippets: 22 March 2013

Snippets: 22 March 2013

Watch out Evernote, Google has revamped Notebook into the new Keep. The app is now available and here is how you can make most of it. Simon Cowell has joined a growing list of YouTube only content and he’s here to make and destroy artistes on YouTube. Android has a new launcher. The kickstarter funded Chameleon presents a pretty widget interface and is now available. Is Britain being hypocritical about being budget responsible? Maybe spending beyond your means is the new in thing for the UK and EU. Finally, take a walk through the evolution of the GUI in the past 40 years. Good memories indeed.


#1: Google Keep Launched

Note taking applications have a huge fight on their hands now. Google has expanded its concierge of web services by transforming former Notebook into Keep. Keep is a note taking service that is somewhat similar to Evernote with a built in to do list. It spots a really simple and sleek UI and is available on devices running Android 4.0.3 and you can download it via the Play Store. Here is how you can better utilize this new service. [via CNet]


#2: Simon Cowell Hosts YouTube Exclusive

Cowell is a divisive figure but that bodes very well for the entertainment industry. If you are a fan of musical talents on YouTube, Cowell will like to add his 2 cents to that in this new venture. It’s some what like a talent show except that it is hosted on YouTube and the contestants are from the same source. This collaboration was brought to fruition by Sony in a joint venture called Syco Entertainment. What a name. [via The Verge]


#3: Chameleon Launcher for Android

What is really great about using an Android phone is that you can completely change the main user interface without needing to root the phone. Launchers can be switched around and I have replaced HTC”s with Nova and Apex. There’s a new kid in town with this Kickstarter funded widget based launcher that looks good and seems to provide a huge feature list. It’s out now on the Play Store. [via AndroidCentral]


#4: Has Britain Abandoned Austerity?

Cyprus is the new Greece of 2013. Precariously close to leaving the EU, the focus again is on austerity measures and keeping the budget balanced. Yet, one of the proponents of such moves seems to be hypocritical. Is Britain abandoning austerity? Anatole Kaletsky thinks so and explains why here.  [via Reuters]


#5: 40 Years of Icons: The Evolution of the GUI

We take the current graphical user interface we face on a daily basis for granted. Things used to be text based before becoming menu driven before the graphical user interface (GUI). Here’s a walk through GUI history. It’s a great editorial and it’ll fill readers who are long time, avid computer users with nostalgia. [via The Verge]

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