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HIV child cured, Galaxy Note II’s lockscreen woes, Google Chrome dips

Snippets: 5th March 2013

Snippets: 5th March 2013

The very first cure for HIV has been confirmed and that’s a huge cause for celebration. Samsung’s Galaxy Note II’s lockscreen ain’t as secure as you think it is. Here’s how to bypass it for a short period of time. Google Chrome has been a geek’s favored browser but it has dipped to a 17 month low. SimCity launches today, read all about it before you buy. Lastly, if you are serious about your Oreos. Here’s how you can remove the vanilla to get a vanilla experience.


#1: US Doctors Cure HIV Child

HIV and cancer are very much akin to long term death sentences but one of them got beaten today. Doctors in Mississippi have made the first cure for a HIV born child. The child no longer needs medication, is expected to live as long as any other and is highly unlikely to be infectious to others. Now to beat cancer. [Via The Guardian]


#2: Bypass Galaxy Note II’s Lockscreen

Apparently lockscreens are hard. It is not just Apple that has trouble in making a really secure lockscreen. Android’s top manufacturer Samsung has the same issue on the latest flagship – the Galaxy Note II. The lockscreen can be bypassed momentarily giving you a short space of time to wreck havoc. Let’s see how long it takes to fix this breach. [via Engadget]


#3: Google Chrome Hits 17-Month Low

Chrome fought an uphill battle against former favourite Firefox and won. Yours truly switched to Chrome a few years ago but the browser known for being lightweight and fast has lost some ground. Posting its worst market share in 17 months, both Firefox and Internet Explorer ate up that new tiny gap. [via ArsTechnica]


#4: SimCity Reviewed, Launches Today

I am worried about SimCity. Worried at how much a time sink it can be but the long awaited sequel is launching today. It features everything a SimCity fan can dream of but also requires an always on internet connection for authentication. This should not catch gamers by surprise considering how games from Ubisoft and even Blizzard’s Diablo required the same. Here’s a great review of SimCity to get you all warmed up. I’m staying away for my own good. [via Polygon]


#5: A Machine to Remove Cream from Oreos

The Oreo eating crowd can be quite a cult at times. Some like Oreos for the way they are. Some prefer to eat them split and some want them dunked into beverages. Meet another variant. The kind that doesn’t like Oreo with cream. In order to ensure that your Oreo is cream-less, David Neevel has made an extensive machine to fulfill that niche.. of a niche.  [via YouTube]

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