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How Google works, top 40 Android utilities, Crysis 3 benchmarks

Snippets: 18 March 2013

Snippets: 18 March 2013

Google’s Search can make or break your site – here’s an introduction to how it all works. Android’s key strength is customization and great flexibility for tweaking. These 40 utilities will help you squeeze more out of your device at no cost. If you are out hunting for a new graphics card, you might want to check whether it can run Crysis, literally. Also, find out where the top 1 million sites are hosted at. Maybe you are not a tech head and are actually thinking about having kids. Well, here are 10 things to expect.


#1: How Google Search Works

Google Search has an incredible monopolistic hold of the search market. Because of that, search engine optimization especially for Google has been important for any website. While Google doesn’t reveal the manner in which search results are ranked and listed, here is an easy to understand dynamic infograph on how the search giant indexes and delivers results.  [via Google]


#2: 40 Top Free Android Utilities

Want more out of your Android phone? Here are interesting utilities that range from must haves to useful tools. The extensive list has everything you need from ROM Managers, backup utilities, automation software and many more. The beauty of the Android ecosystem is its openness and the freedom to tweak. Do your phone a favour and give it a boost. [via Tom’s Hardware]


#3: Crysis 3 Benchmarks on 16 Graphics Cards

‘… but can it run Crysis?’ is an overused joke that remains relevant even in the third installation of this popular first person shooter. It relentlessly continues to punish high end systems. Crysis can sometimes be viewed as a stress test for GPUs. Whether you are in the market to get a new card or just want to see how all 16 cards fare, hit the link above.  [via Tom’s Hardware]


#4: Pre Parenting: 10 Things You Should Know

I have many friends who have tied the knot so I thought this would be a relevant read. Yours truly is eons away from even thinking about kids. Whether you are planning to have kids or just want to get an interesting first look at parenting, this article is a must read.  [via Lifehacker]


#5: Where are the Top 1m Sites Hosted?

Websites are important, especially if your business relies heavily on it. Here are where the top one million sites are hosted at. You would expect a U.S. heavy list but there is a surprise entry in the top 10 positions. Also, you should ask your web host where your site is being hosted on especially if speed and reliability are key concerns. [via Pingdom]

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