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Samsung Galaxy S4 launched, why switch to Android, learn to manage up

Snippets: 16 Mar 2013

Snippets: 16 Mar 2013

The Galaxy S4 has been launched and this caps the Android flagship line up for 2013. Oh yes, it does look a lot like the S3. Keeping with the Android wave, some Apple die hards and tech journalists are switching camps. Andy Ihnatko details his reasons for dumping Apple. In more personal articles, learn how to manage your superiors to get the best experience at work. A tough boss doesn’t always mean a tough life. Also, here’s a global look at why humans are losing their sleep and how you can fix that. Lastly, if the gaming simulation craze has not hit you, you may wish to dabble and try out what being a medical surgeon is like. This is not a replacement for med school.


#1: Samsung Galaxy S4 Launched

After a long series of leaks, the S4 has launched and it looks a lot like the S3 and the Note 2. Is this Samsung’s 4S moment? If you recall, the iPhone 4S was launched in the same body with bumped up specs and a gimmick called Siri. Well, the Galaxy S4 boasts incredible specs with a 1920×1080 5″ screen driven by an 8 core processor. Gimmicks include eye scrolling and hover gestures. I know I’m assuming too much but why would you choose to hover your finger 2 cm away from the screen when it is way easier to just touch it? Also, smart pause would be a terrible thing if I want to glance up momentarily – pause – to check – unpause – on my – pause – surroundings – unpause. Nonetheless, Samsung has smartly chosen to continue with a removable 2600mAh battery and a microSD slot. While the HTC One and Sony’s Xperia series look way sexier, the S4 still delivers the best overall package. Here’s an indepth look at the Samsung Galaxy S4.  [via AndroidCentral]


#2: Why Move to Android

Staying within the smartphone universe, Andy Ihnatko – a self confessed Apple fan and tech journalist – made the jump to Android and he explains why here. Android has really matured in 2012. It used to be competitive against iOS only on price and features. Now, it can provide almost as smooth and fluid an experience as iOS. With software optimization and hardware leaps occurring quickly on the Android side of the smartphone market, it is no wonder that some die hard Apple folks have crossed camps. Is the 1990s all over again? [via TechHive]


#3: Learn to Manage Up

Management is not just about handling your subordinates. Besides managing yourself and managing down, you’ve to look up as well. Superiors can be difficult to deal with, just ask the people that report to you. An effective employee knows how to keep his/her superiors happy while ensuring sufficient breathing space and an acceptable working environment. Sounds too good to be true? It can be done. [via Lifehacker]


#4: Are You Sleeping Enough

It is ironic for me to share this because I am obviously lacking in sleep. The BBC takes a global look at sleep deprivation and explores solutions to this problem. Here’s how things are like in Japan, South Korea, United Kingdom and many more. Also, repeating ‘the’ may get you to sleep faster. [via BBC News]


#5: Surgeon Simulator 2013

Can’t get enough of simulation games after losing hours to SimCity? Here’s another one that will interest you. If you have always wanted to find out what it is like to operate on someone, Surgeon Simulator 2013 is waiting for you on Steam. For a game crafted within 48 hours, this is a hilarious yet sometimes gross take on what surgeons do. Unlike SimCity, I’m pretty sure Surgeon Simulator is ridiculously withdrawn from reality. [via Engadget]

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