Snippets: 3 March 2013

Sell stock in yourself, Firefox OS and web apps, how a digital New York was built

Snippets: 3 March 2013
Snippets: 3 March 2013

There’s a new area in which you can buy and sell stock. Look no further than the mirror. Firefox OS is daring but the big question is if it can clean up the messy glut of web apps. Everyone thought that the Avengers was a bunch of green screen work in real life New York. Actually, New York was green screened as well. Fanboys are irritating but an inquisitive mind should push you to understand them as well. Lastly, your left brain is an awesome tool but it makes you a duller person – fix that today.


#1: Sell Stock in Yourself

There have been multiple internet phenomenons that have changed the way funds are generated. Kickstarter is one of them and things have gotten a lot more granular. You can now sell stock in yourself. It may sound weird but it clears up when you see yourself as a company that people can invest in. This is great news for college graduates who have difficulties in paying off their huge student loans. ‘Invest in my future!’ may mean more than just your parents now. [Via The Verge]


#2: Can Firefox OS Revitalize the Mobile Web?

Web apps are the future but they are so messy and distorted that most HTML 5 experiences leave much to be desired. Web apps are slow, clunky and badly optimized. This almost instantly spells doom when such apps run on a lower powered mobile browsers like the on your smartphone. Firefox launched its own mobile operating system to compete with the likes of Google’s Android, Apple’s iOS and Microsoft’s Windows Phone. Its approach is to make web apps front and center of the OS. Can they pull it off? This editorial thinks not but the author may well be proven wrong in time.  [via Engadget]


#3: Building a Digital New York for the Avengers

I love CGI. I like looking at how things are put together and admire the great work that visual effects artists create. The Avengers were one of the hot films of 2012 even though some thought it was underwhelming  What isn’t underwhelming is this behind the scenes video that you should take a look. I had initially thought that the show was filmed in New York with some green screen work. Turns out that the entire New York of was digitized and built from scratch. Here’s a great way to spend 3 minutes. [via YouTube]


#4: The Agony of the Fanboy

Fanboys are a ridiculous species of the human race. They defend with no logical backing a firm that does nothing but take money from them, blatantly. Fanboys do not only come from the Apple realm, there are Google fanboys, Tesla fanboys, Einstein variants, the list goes on and on. TechCrunch’s John Biggs examines the fanboy phenomena and draws a few good points. [via TechCrunch]


#5: Controlling Your Left Brain

The left side of your brain is said to be the logical and analytical side of you. It gives your thoughts structure and is an important key to productivity. But that left brain has its drawbacks. It robs you of creativity and intuition  People that think too logically tend to be very linear and this harms everything from the scope of your thoughts to your very own personality  This is how you can put your left brain under a little more control. [via Lifehacker]