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American drones in Pakistan, Thatcher’s economic legacy, Premier League flops

Snippets: 16 April 2013

Snippets: 16 April 2013

Drones hunt more than just Al Qaeda members. The breadth of world policing has just increased says leaked documents. Thatcher is an iconic political figure but what is less known are the economic policies that she hammered through. Find out what she accomplished in her famous tenure. To be labelled a flop is harsh but here are four names that have been listed for the English Premier League. When it comes to building the right PC, packing more power isn’t always the answer. Cooling that hot system down should be a priority and here is how you can do it. Lastly, badminton is not just about the racquet. This guide tells you everything you need to know whatever level your skill is.


#1: American Drones Used in Pakistan

The use of drones has been ramped up under Obama’s rule. The cost benefit analysis of drone usage (for the United States) overwhelmingly makes drone attacks the preferred method of taking out targets. While articles in the past have focused on the increased collateral damage that drones have encouraged, it now seems that Al Qaeda should not only be the ones fearing such attacks. Groups and individuals in Pakistan are under the cross hairs. [via The Atlantic]


#2: Thatcher’s Economic Legacy

The passing of Margaret Thatcher has brought plenty of attention to her political legacy. What is less spoken about is what she accomplished for Britain within the economic sphere. Taming inflation with monetary discipline was not her only achievements as suggested by economic textbooks. The battle with dominant state sectors are just one of the many battles the Iron Lady had in her time. [via BBC]


#3: Premier League Flops

Transfer business is sometimes risky. Often times, big name signings turn into a waste of funds while the exact opposite can occur. Moving a player from a different club and country is a test of his ability to adapt to new conditions and perform better than he did before. There are 4 names on this list but I won’t consider all of them done and dusted. It is not over until the fat lady sings.  [via ESPNFC]


#4: How to Cool Your PC

Everyone wants an awesome computer. One that can do anything and everything within milliseconds. However, powerful systems come with the downside of high heat generation. There are many ways you can cool your computer down including the use of air via fans and also water cooling. Here is a good rundown to help you decide on which of the many paths to take. [via Tested]


#5: Choosing the Right Badminton Equipment

I recently started playing badminton again. It is a fun sport that balances social and competitive play very well. Best of all, most children in Singapore grow up playing it before and after school. When I played in the school team during the Lower Secondary school days, I was always blessed with having racquets gifted to me. Fast forward 12 years, I had to buy my own racquet. This guide gives a very good rundown on what you need to know and made picking one really easy. [via Badminton Central]

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